Former Kojima Productions dev: Japan isn’t adopting western game design

In an interview with Glixel, Jordan Amaro, a game designer currently working at Nintendo, talked about working on Metal Gear Solid V.

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xer0439d ago

And they shouldn't adopt western game design. A lot of the greatest games i have played came out of Japanese gaming culture.

Apocalypze437d ago

Great games from Japanese developers that I know of:
-Soul Sacrifice
-Monster Hunter
-Metal Gear Solid
Am sure am missing tons more that I can't recall.

Dragonscale437d ago

The Soulsborne games spring to mind.

Genkins439d ago (Edited 439d ago )

a lot of them could at least take to making games without glitches. or at least partner with developers that make great game engines.

Nyxus439d ago

In my experience Japanese games tend to have less glitches than western games (Bethesda, Ubisoft). The latter thing is actually happening with Kojima Productions using Guerrilla's Decima Engine.

Slowbro437d ago

But even with that engine Kojima did have a small hand in making.

rainslacker437d ago

Because western devs have an impeccable record of releasing glitch free games?

-Foxtrot438d ago

Odd as MGSV seems like it was trying to be as western as it could be...which is why I thought it was the worst MGS game in the main numbered games.

darx438d ago

And that is why Japan has been irrelevant in gaming for a while now.

Muadiib438d ago

Almost completely except for Dark Souls, that is a very western styled game mind.

Imalwaysright437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Lets talk after Breath the Wild and Mario Odyssey winning the most GOTY awards this year.

Silly gameAr437d ago

What world are you guys living in?

Trez1234437d ago

You guys must be joking right ? Zelda, Nioh, Nier Automata, soulsborn, splatoon, Resident evil, final fantasy 15, Persona, xenobladr chronicles x, yakuza , dragon ball xenoverse, naruto ninja storm 4, MGS Pro evolution soccer, the last guardian and maybe I missing others but those games have had an impact on the industry being sales or quality.

Japan is far from irrelevant and in fact, they've made a great come back this gen without them, gaming as a whole Wouldn't be the same. I personally would lose interest in gaming if Japan becomes " irrelevant " as you claim ( crazy claim ) since both west and east add so much to this great hobby of ours.

If you take out the big western IPs that sell millions which there aren't many, you have a bunch of games that have had no impact at all both in sales and quality. The funny thing is, you probably will keep saying the same thing regardless of the visible impact Japanese games are having this gen.....i mean....zelda is selling like crazy and been named best game of all time by many outlets.

FinalFantasyFanatic437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

I'd probably quite gaming if Japan has a whole left the industry, it would be pretty bland industry/hobby (rarely would I find something unique), and the PS3 generation wasn't exactly the best when they had the wrong mindset about development. Now that most developers have had a return to form we're having one of the best generations (or at least PS4 and possibly, even the Switch are).


And another downvote for wishful thinking.

BlaqMagiq1437d ago

Now THAT is a stupid statement.

Imalwaysright437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Irrelevant? Lets see: over the shoulder view (RE4), modern cover system (Killswitch), health regeneration (Hydlide games), cinematic games (MGS1)... yeah totally irrelevant

FinalFantasyFanatic437d ago

You mean to say Japan has been less relevant when everyone attempted to westernize right?

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