Don't Write Off Konami, They Have Really Good People There, Says Splatoon 2 Designer

Konami shouldn't be discounted or written off, according to Splatoon 2 designer Jordan Amaro, as they have really good developers.

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UCForce467d ago

Look I get it, but that's different. Konami treating their employees are very questionable. There was a lot of going between Ex Konami members and Konami especially how their relationship were. The result wasn't pretty. Konami wanted to change something that some ex Konami members didn't like and completely left the publisher because of Konami attitude and their marketing tactics.

466d ago
CrimsonWing69467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Omg can we move on from this, already!?

Kojima wasn't exactly not at fault either.

The guy went over budget constantly and could never commit to a dead-line.

Yea, he's an amazing developer but the way he operates is terrible for a business. The best thing ever was for him to become his own boss and then he can see the strain of going over budget and not sticking to dead-lines.

Alexious467d ago

This is mostly about their ability to keep producing great games in the future, which has little to do with the whole Kojima ordeal.

rocketpanda466d ago

And how Konami handled his exit was worse than pathetic. Not even letting him attend an award ceremony to collect the award he was supposed to be awarded then lied saying he was in holiday. Scrubbing his name from the series and selling then MGSV.

Konami is a terrible company regardless. How about how they handled silent hill! They tried remastering SH 2 and 3 and it turned worse than the originals in all aspects because they lost the source for SH2 and 3.

For a company that has great IPs like Castlevania, MGS,

rocketpanda466d ago

No, because Konami is a terrible company and run by terrible narcissistic people, and they way the handled Kojima's exit was less than human. They blatantly lied saying he was on holiday when they prohibited him from collecting an award.

Konami has lost its creative talent. They can't even make a good silent hill, castlevania and suikoden game anymore. We have no idea how not-metal gear survive will do. The only game making them money besides their pachinko machines is PES.

Let's not forgot how they lost the source code for silent hill 2 and 3.

The 10th Rider466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

It's sad you're getting so many disagrees. Yes Konami is awful and the way they treated Kojima is absolutely horrible, but Kojima also comes across as self-absorbed and has his fair share of issues. It's fine to bash Konami but to turn around and praise Kojima as if he's some type of God is ridiculous. There's two sides to every coin.

People attack Konami for moving on away from AAA gaming, but it's entirely possible that move was decided after seeing Kojima's projects ballooning so large. They're not exactly a massive gaming company and I wouldn't be surprised if that scale of development simply isn't sustainable for them.

l3w1s466d ago

What does Kojima have with to do with Konami making it impossible for their former employees to get health insurance or a new job? What does Kojima have to do with them throwing their once glorious IP's in the dumpster (or even worse - Pachinko)? Stop thinking that the whole hate for Konami comes from just firing Kojima. Kojima will be okay regardless. He is a big name and has a lot of support. Little employees and renowned franchises do not.

The 10th Rider465d ago

I said that Konami is awful and they treated Kojima horribly. Hate for Konami is entirely justified. All I'm saying is that turning around and treated Kojima like some sort of God is ridiculous. Sure Konami treats their employees awfully either way, but the whole Konami-Kojima debacle is where a lot of this came to the limelight and many people treat Kojima like he's only a victim in the situation. Also it's entirely possible that Kojima's ballooning scope and budget contributed to Konami feeling they can't support AAA development, so he *could* be partially responsible for it.

InKnight7s466d ago

Yeah but kojima always selling and his games gaaaain alooooooooot of menoy than most action games available in the market I mean all stealth games now is just about great past nothing more but Metal Gear still sells as cupcakes and MGS2,3,4 considering of best games in the whole industry by all means and one of really few games that hold it excellence in every gen since Ps1. I mean Kojima was a chance to regain Konami position in the market since they are destroying PES, Silent Hill and Castlevania.

rainslacker466d ago

Who said he ever went over budget? Where was there a single report which said that?

When did he not meet a deadline? Where was there ever a single report which said that?

What about Kojima who said that he never missed a deadline? Is his word not credible? Given how Konami was willing to throw anyone under the bus at the time, they certainly could have disputed that claim.

Kojima produced, directed, or worked on 7 games last gen. All of them rated pretty well. MGSV was the only one that came across as unfinished, but what was released was extremely polished. Even the Demo. A game like MGSV could easily take 4-5 years to make. It was a huge game. The reason it likely got released in the state it was was because of the changes being made at Konami and they simply pulled the plug on development, and the fact that Kojima was already on the way out.

I get the feelings that people may have about Kojima, but none of it actually holds up to scrutiny when you look at all he did last gen. Give credit where it's due. Kojima is one of the hardest working devs in the industry, and he cares about making and releasing a good game. He has talent, and at no time does he deserve the kind of criticism you are lobbing at him based on assumption.

CrimsonWing69465d ago

Also watch all the MGS 4 trailers that constantly change the release date.

Also do some research on how much it costs to not stick with a release date.

rainslacker465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

And the fact that Konami put him on 4 other projects during the development of MGSV had nothing to do with the delays?

I don't see us blaming the directors over at Squre Enix for the delays for FFXV(or vs13) or KH3 when they get shuffled around to fix other games Square Enix is trying to get out. Why does Kojima not get the recognition for the games he also worked on, which likely took their toll on the development of the game. A game losing it's director for a while mid-production is very disruptive to the development of said game. It's no different in Konami as it is in Square Enix.

If Kojima went over budget, then it's not his fault. He developed a lot of games last gen, and any money wasted likely was due to the MGSV devs twiddling their thumbs or being shuffled around to other projects so Konami could get other projects done.

Also note that your link is an opinion. It doesn't in any way actually say if that was the reason, or look at the bigger picture. If there is more research to be done on how much it cost to not stick with a release date, then I'd say it's on you to provide it since you are the one making the accusation.

Kojima has gone on record to say he's never missed a deadline. If that's the case, and knowing him to be fairly honorable to his word, I'd say that's probably more substantial than a 3rd party opinion.

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FallenAngel1984467d ago

The good people are extremely overshadowed by the bad people

KaiPow467d ago

People don't remember lead UI designers or multiplayer map designers yet they contribute to some of the most memorable parts of your favorite games.

rainslacker466d ago

True, but there are those that direct and give vision to the games themselves. They lost most of those people. While I'm sure they still have talent within their ranks, until they show it off, there is nothing to really give credit to.

I, and I feel most people, would never discredit the actual developers who worked on the games there, as most of the problems seem to be at an organizational or management level.

Pozzle466d ago

That tends to be the case with a lot of companies, tbh. Lots of good little guys, and a handful of bad higher-ups who ruin it for everyone.

ccgr467d ago

Lots of good memories with Konami

AspiringProGenji467d ago

Kojima senpai is with Sony now. That is all that matters


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