Destiny 2's Single-Use Shaders Are Just Plain Wrong

Destiny 2 changes the shader system from the original game. Shaders are now one-use items, which makes absolutely no sense.

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Summons75436d ago

It's not different than when you have to individually buy dyes to color armor in other games. They are ridiculously common drops. Why is this such an issue? Shader system in Destiny 1 colored your entire outfit, no guns, no ships. Destiny 2 you get to color individual armor pieces, weapons, and ships.

maybelovehate436d ago

Well said.. sometimes I guess people just like to hear themselves complain. Loving the amount of shaders and the drop rate so far seems very fair.

cell989436d ago

Yeah but they expire, because now they're consumables

Summons75436d ago

They stay on as long as you keep the armor on, there is no time limit.

aarogree435d ago

Yes, but the amount you have to pay is chump change.

PhantomTommy436d ago

What purpose is there in limiting the shaders to only one use? What happens when you want your new gun to match the colour of your armor? What happens when you gain a few levels and that armor is no longer useful? Do you just grind and grind until you can once again customize your character to your liking?

It's pretty simple, they want you to spend more money -- that's the only reason. From what I hear, the game is a blast and that's great, but just because you enjoy the game doesn't mean you have to defend every single aspect of it.

Summons75436d ago

You must have missed the part where the drops are RIDICULOUSLY COMMON. I've had to delete shaders because I had too many. There is ZERO issue. What happens when you change armor in other games, you need to redye it. Plain and simple. Zero issue. Stop being an entitled brat.

Bennibop436d ago

Agreed, this is very much a fuss about nothing. I prefer this system, if you play the game plenty drop plus you can mix and match your armour as well as sparrows and ships.

aarogree435d ago

Because in other games dyes are permanent items. That's the sticking point here.

Summons75435d ago

Then you change armor and you have to pay to re-dye it.

Liqu1d435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Can you give me an example of games where you buy dyes individually? In Warframe once you buy a colour pallete, which can be earned for free, you can apply it to whatever you want as much as you want, and that's a F2P game.

Would you not like to have the additional options Destiny 2 provides while also owning shaders permanently like in Destiny 1? Seems like that would be objectively better.

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masterfox436d ago

lol this is just retar^%$^ed, is very simple why Bungie is doing this, is just to get from you more money period. I mean really if you can't see this by Bungie you are just being a fanboy and justifying their behavior and greed, in Destiny 1 this was no issue, you just get the shader, store it or destroy it(if you were full in storage) but you can recovered from that old lady in the tower and so no need to farm that stu#$%^id same shader again for hours.

Seriously changing shaders in Destiny 1 I use it alot(back and fort several times) while playing missions, in Destiny 1 mp I changed it alot cause I wanted to camouflage with my surroundings of certain maps(I don't know if this is also blocked in Destiny 1.5).

Heck I don't know why this matter talking about shaders is a thing?, it was fine Destiny 1 probably one of the few things that were good back then, seriously Bungie stop being such greedy bastards! you already obtained your 500 million investment in Destiny 1.

NiteX436d ago

At least it's not as bad as Black Desert.

aarogree435d ago

Why, what's it like in that game?

Nodoze436d ago (Edited 436d ago )

It makes sense for the suits in the C Suite at Activision. They want your MONEY.

Watch Destiny 3 will charge players for ammunition.

2cents436d ago

Clickety Clak, Clickety Clak, the money goes into my piggy bank.