Dean Takahashi Has a History of Sucking At Games

Dan Takashi, that guy that took way more time to complete the Cuphead tutorial than he should is actually bad at gaming from the beginning. In 2007 he gave Mass Effect (a game he named Mass Defect) a bad review because he didn’t know characters level up in the game while also stating that KOTR is a good example of a game with primitive gameplay and AVERAGE GRAPHICS.

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Abash464d ago

You think he would have learned something 10 years

PeaSFor463d ago

like many "reviewers", they suck at gaming, they rush from point A to B in hope to get their review out the soonest possible to get more clicks(and not even talking about the blatant clickbaits), just look at someone at Polygon trying to shhot something in DOOM and try to explain how the hell that individual is working for a video game website..., you could easily find a toddler with more talent.

InMyOpinion463d ago

I don't know what is most embarrassing, this guy's lack of knowledge regarding his line of work or the people who pay him to be a gaming journalist?

InKnight7s463d ago

Lets all of us confess that he had future sight about Mass Defect: Andromeda.

Chaos_Order463d ago

"Who cares if he's not great at games, what matters is his ability to review it."
*He literally gives a game a misguided review because he's crap at games*

emty463d ago

He can't game, you can't spell.

Let's call it a draw.