Gamers Need To Start Saying No To Rip-Off DLC

With so much negative press surrounding unscrupulous DLC practices within the video game industry, maybe it's time for gamers to say no to it all together?

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ScreenCritics290d ago

If more people just skipped the rubbish DLC (the micro transaction ones, not the good ones) there wouldn't be this culture of "got to make money on everything".

Nyxus290d ago

True, but apparently people want to pay for those, not sure why though.

thekhurg290d ago

Sometimes people like a game and what it offers. With the thousands of hours enjoyment I've had from games like diablo and destiny I'd gladly give $200 for the game itself.

indyman77289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

Nyxus the reason you never bought DLC is because your NOT a sell out. It's the sell outs that are allowing this kind of thing to still happen in 2017. If we don't buy it they will quickly remove the micro transactions from future game. It really is that simple.

At Thekhurg which is why you HAVE to give the extra dollars for that game. And why others which don't have it have too also.

aconnellan290d ago

There's some good DLC though. I'd argue Undead Nightmare is a perfect example.

There's also The Taken King from Destiny 1 that I thoroughly enjoyed, which drastically improved the entire game, but unfortunately I think that's a case of the content being cut from launch

Cobra951290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

I know Jim Sterling is caustic and controversial; but for travesties like the Bethesda Creation Club, he's too good at tongue lashing to ignore:

Edit: Warning--language NSFW

CaptainObvious878289d ago

It's hard to take a sjw that will immediately through his gender under the bus if it means a pat on the head from his female betters, seriously. Even if I happened to agree with him on this.

TejasTV290d ago

If you preordered this on PC and have since changed your mind you can get a refund by contacting Blizzard.

Tankbusta40290d ago

DLC is here to stay no matter what happens. I hate it, only some companies do it right. Most start working on dlc before they even release games and that in my opinion is a joke, however; people speak with their wallets and too many people buy the stuff

LordJamar290d ago

Dont see how thats a joke you need to have a game plan for your games future and keep content going its easy to understand why they plan ahead if i was a dev id like to know the road map and future of my game

madforaday290d ago

Soo when the game goes gold, are the developers are just going to stop working on the game? Forza just went gold, do you think the developers are just sitting on their thumbs waiting for the game to come out so Tankbusts40 won't get upset?

rlow1290d ago

I remember when dlc first appeared on the Xbox 360 and these companies were saying that they wouldn't gimp the games. They said it would be sensible stuff and that everything could be had in game. That was then and this is now and boy has it changed. They managed to get people to buy into so much that nobody bats an eyebrow at it anymore. Even have people defending it. But as long as people are buying, then it will never change.

Tetsujin290d ago

The root of the issue is the ones defending it aren't paying out of their own pockets. Let some of those "fans" pay $30+ per instance; they will sing a different tune then.

madforaday290d ago

You don't remember Socom 2's DLC for new maps?

MrCrimson290d ago

it was free with OPM discs if I remember right.

madforaday289d ago

Free as in buy our magazine but I don't know what other way they could of done. We also had 22 maps that came with Socom 2 (Ten were Socom 1 maps but still) and 4 game modes. Miss those days lol

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