4 New Versions of L.A. NOIRE Coming November 14

Rockstar: "Today, we're proud to announce new versions of the blockbuster detective thriller L.A. Noire, are scheduled to release on November 14, 2017 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Alongside these three new console versions, we're taking our first steps into virtual reality with L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, featuring seven select cases from the original game rebuilt specifically for a virtual reality experience on the HTC VIVE."

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zivtheawesome17d ago

ps4 version with the pro having 4k nice. sad that they don't support PSVR but okay.

Kribwalker17d ago

Xbox OneX also with native 4k. I wonder if there will be additional enhancements over the pro version

BlindGuyMcSqueazy17d ago

Probably because it is more powerful

Razzer17d ago

Where did it say native?

MetalProxy17d ago

So will the xbone s be at least 900p? Sweet can't wait! I wonder if will have less enhancements compared to PS4 s.

Kribwalker17d ago

They actually state the PS4 and Xbox one versions will be native 1080p
@razzer I assumed it would be native for both since it's a remaster of a past gen game

Razzer17d ago

Well, if it specifies native 1080p then I would think it would specify native 4K, but it did not.

Unreal0117d ago Show
gangsta_red17d ago


For an old game like this I don't see why they wouldn't try and go for native 4k on both Pro and X. It would be a shame if they didn't.


"I have a very capable PC which is much more powerful that an Xbox One X but I've never bragged about specs or anything." just bragged about PC and have in the past...what's the difference?

Kribwalker17d ago


Funny, there's one right there and I just randomly selected a page from your comments list. Now you were saying

nix17d ago

This is what going to happen. Xbox X n Pro will have similar visuals until PS5 comes out. Then PS5 will have upper hand. Running to go buy a powerful console is so stupid. Have we not learnt anything from PC? The attempt to always have the most powerful console is just too foolish and expensive.

G20WLY17d ago Show
Trekster_Gamer17d ago

I would hope so given there is so much power difference to utilize I would say the Xbox One X could do in 4k with the pro could do in 1080p

bouzebbal17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

should have re released RDR instead in 4K.
L.A Noire has old mechanics and the gameplay isn't the very best in class.
Still a decent game nontheless with an impressive face capture.

CJLogix17d ago

the game came out last generation, im pretty sure even the pro could get to 4k with this game.

Gamer4lifz16d ago

They should remaster RDR instead

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Erik735717d ago (Edited 17d ago )

I think Switch version being able to play on the go is nicer.

Not a sub par 4k experience compared to PC. Ps4 and xbox version really arent the best at anything for this new la niore. They dont have the best graphics nor are they portable. Just medicore

sizeofyou17d ago

Not quite sure of your point..? Are you saying Switch for on the go or PC for the best experience...the rest are worthless?

Nyxus17d ago

Perhaps some people don't care about it being portable.

2pacalypsenow17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Being portable doesn't make the game better, since the PS4 Xbox 1 version will have better graphics and framerate, they will be the best console option.

That's like saying GTA On the PSP is better than than the PS2 ones because they are "Portable"

KwietStorm17d ago

Yea lemme play the weakest version of the bunch ON THE GO, instead of these other versions that are mediocre just because they are lesser than PC. lol some of you people on this site...

rainslacker17d ago

Why not just go with a laptop capable of 4K and go all out if the best graphics and portability are what's important to you?

Switch won't provide the best graphics, but it is portable. Home consoles won't likely provide the best graphics compared to PC, but they'll be significantly better than the Switch, but alas, not portable.

Seems you're either or scenario is only relevant to those with a PC capable of 4K, or those who just want the portable version. Good news is, the option is there.

Prince-Ali17d ago


You're actually embarrassing... you really need to just relax man...

Clunkyd17d ago

You have a dumb way of seeing things, It's just plain ridiculous. lol

UCForce17d ago

You just said the dumbest thing ever. No wonder why you get disagree for good reason.

Ben Dover16d ago

Erik god forbid you'll ever manage to find proper education. I don't think you're capable of becoming of a normal human being.

You defend that trash device until eternity, but the excuses are becoming terrible at this point.

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joab77717d ago

If they added some more open world activities like GTA and many others, this would be a phenomenal game. It's got a great story and detective work and I'm sure it's stunning. But the open world is simply a backdrop. Sad too because it's an amazing recreation of early 20th century LA.

Trekster_Gamer17d ago

Xbox One X will be the definitive console choice to play of course. It would be awesome if I could use my save game from the Xbox 360

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Marcello17d ago

Well this is a surprise ?? no news on any fix for the shoddy PC port. If this is 60fps on consoles i may well dip again.

Marcello17d ago

On a side note, Max Payne 3 is worthy of a remaster

Bluemaster7717d ago

Been hoping this would happen for years now.

The_Sage17d ago

Why in the name of God would you want 60 frames per second In this game?.. Would you prefer it to look like a soap opera? 60 frames per second only works for sports and twitch shooters. Otherwise it just looks stupid.

eddieistheillest17d ago

Hellblade, God of war 3 Remastered, The Last of Us remastered and etc @ 60 fps feels and looks nice. But it would look like a soap oprea in this game tho. Lol

The_Sage16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

The first thing I did when I fired up The Last of Us remastered was turn that crap off. It looked horrible in 60 fps. Movies are 24 fps. When they released The Hobbit in 60 fps people hated it. It made the movie look like a soap opera, and made the CGI really stand out.

Do you also have interpretation turned on on your TV? Many TV's come with it set to on. It works okay for sports but everything else looks terrible. I've lost count of how many people have called me to "fix" their TV (I used to install home theater) because the interpolation was on.

Very few people that are into video are going to enjoy 60fps do to the overly smooth uncanny quality it gives the image. I will turn it off every time I get the option.

brokasfawk17d ago

It better not release at $60

$40 seems reasonable

porkChop17d ago

It's Rockstar. It's going to be full price. They know people will pay if their name is on the box.

OMGitzThatGuy17d ago

Didn't work too well the first time.

FlameWater17d ago

They gave the game away for free on Steam

tehpees317d ago


What are you on about? LA Noire shipped 5 million units. Just because it didn't cover the dev cost doesn't mean it didn't sell well.

OMGitzThatGuy17d ago

@tehpees3 "Sell well" is relative. If a company has 200m consoles sold, is 5m on a game that took years and millions of dollars to make alot? And if it couldn't even recoup development costs, that not really "selling well".

tehpees317d ago


That isn't how an install base works. It isn't how many systems were sold. An install base is composed only of people actively buying, using or playing on the system. A number usually a lot lower than consoles sold.

And for dev cost you should know full well that is Brendan's fault. He ate up Sony's funding then ate Rockstar's. Any other game would have been profitable.

He is lucky to have had Rockstar's backing because few others would have held his hand to the finish line.

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sizeofyou17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Just ordered for £28. So not full price...PS4/XB same amount...

porkChop17d ago

Glad to see it coming to the Switch, though it seems like they won't be touching the visuals at all in that version. Not even high res textures, which is weird considering the Switch has the RAM for it. They are supporting HD Rumble, touch screen, and motion controls though.

EddieNX 17d ago

Huh ? What makes you think they won't touch the visuals ? Skyrim on Switch is basically the remaster. So we should expect the same here. Switch version will most likely look slightly worse than ps4 and XB1 but way better than last gen.

porkChop17d ago

Look at the descriptions on Rockstar Newswire. The descriptions are separate. PS4/XBO mentions a visual upgrade, the Switch description does not mention any of that.

EddieNX 17d ago

I guarantee it will have some visual improvement . Maybe not as much as ps4 XB1 but the Switch can easily run 360 games at 1080p while docked and there's plenty of room for other improvements as well.

Skyrim basically looks like the remaster for example.

OpenGL17d ago

Skyrim on the Switch is significantly paired back from the PS4 version in terms of vegetation density.

VenomSnakeRisingX17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

@EddieNX- Because they don't say the same description. Just like Skyrim didn't say the same description. Lets say it is the remaster version, why not say so? What do they have to gain removing that wording? I just think Bethesda and Rockstar don't want to lie, if its not the remaster version and just the last generation version, they don't want to lie and mislead people. If not, why even not say those words? Its not helping them if it is the remaster to not say so. To what benefit would it be to Rockstar or Bethesda to leave out such words? Skyrim on Switch isn't even called the Special Edition.

@EddieNX- "Skyrim basically looks like the remaster for example" no it doesn't. The footage I've seen looks like the last generation version, its missing many of those enhancements and its likely why Bethesda didn't use the words "remaster" or "special edition".

Can you answer why they would leave those words out if it was the same version? How does that help them?

I fully agree with PorkChop, the descriptions are clear and separate for a reason.

EddieNX 17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Open gl venom? What have you two been watching ???? Search skyrim gamescom and watch the off screen TV videos and I'll think you can clearly see it looks exactly like the remaster and nothing like the last gen version. All journalists noted this as well not just me.

letsa_go16d ago

I don't know why you are doubting EddieNX, you have his guarantee after all!

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Erik735717d ago

Well the ps4/xbox version will be in the shadow of PC version, atleast Switch as its own thing going for it. I love the idea of being able to play on the go and im sure sales of Switch will show that

2pacalypsenow17d ago

The Ps4/Xbx 1 will be the shadow of the PC and the Switch will be the shadow of the Ps4/Xb1/PC.. So the Switch will be the worst option?

Ben Dover16d ago

Don't bother with Erik. He has a severe sickness that doesn't allow him to think like a normal human being.

KwietStorm17d ago

Well EddieNX guarantees the improvement, so that's as much confirmation as you need.

EddieNX 17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

So you're saying it's going to be exactly the same as 360 version In TV mode.

Considering the Switch is considerably better than 360 it would be silly not to expect some sort of enhancement even if it's not all the ps4 XB1 effects , just a few.

The Switch should be able to run it 720p handheld and 1080p docked. Let's not forget the Switch is a PORTABLE version, that In its self is a huge leap over last generation versions.

Have a seat.

VenomSnakeRisingX17d ago

@PorkChop- ", though it seems like they won't be touching the visuals at all in that version.". That is what I think, they worded it a way that is very clear its the last generation version. They are supporting a lot of other features though for it. When I was reading the ps4 and XONE version, i knew the Switch one was a last generation version as they worded it like "technical enhancements for greater visual fidelity and authenticity, including enhanced lighting and clouds" and the Switch version doesn't show any of this. They don't want to get in legal trouble I guess and don't want people to think its the same which is fair and honest. That is like what Bethesda did with Skyrim on Switch. They didn't say Special Edition, they didn't say remaster and their official pages even show that wording removed for the Switch version which is likely the last generation version

Gemmol17d ago

they cant put remaster on it because the first version was not on Nintendo systems, its common sense, and digital foundry already look at the game its from the ps4 remaster edition

VenomSnakeRisingX17d ago

@Gemmol- what does the past system have to do with the term remaster? The term remaster has to do with simply being a better version visually or even with features then the original, regardless if it came to a past system or not.

Resident Evil HD remaster is called....well "remaster" and it was NEVER released on XB, in fact, the 2002 version that is being remastered was never released on Playstation 2 or XB. Zero was NEVER released on Playstation 2 or XB, yet is called remastered. Look up the offical Capcom site or even Steam, they call it the HD Remaster on PS and XB even with the originals NEVER showing up on Playstation or XB. THE GAME is the remaster, if the company, ie Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox etc never got the original, that has literally nothing to do with the term The term is talking about the software, not the system

If the company had the last version is irrelevant to the term. Why would they then leave out " technical enhancements for greater visual fidelity and authenticity, including enhanced lighting and clouds" ? So to tell you the enhancements, the game needed to be on PS4 and XONE? Is there a reason they omitted this from the Switch description? Why leave out "volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, and more" in terms of descriptions? That has NOTHING to do with "remaster" in terms of calling it, simply just saying features, the fact that they are not saying this, means its not in the Switch version. I don't see any reasons for them to downplay their own game and even go as far as to word it completely differently if it wasn't for a real reason.

Like....not being the remastered version.

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ocelot0717d ago

Ohhh nice I really enjoyed this first time around. Now am unsure what to get this for. PS4 or Switch? I would of deffinetly went with the PS4 version if it had PSVR support but it looks like it does not. However, If it's 60FPS then PS4 version it is. If it's 30 on everything then Switch version for me.

JEECE17d ago

I wish there was cross-buy for PS4/Switch. I'm sure the ownership overlap is pretty significant.