Microsoft To Share Rare's Sea of Thieves Water Tech with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The gorgeous water tech from Sea of Thieves will be implemented in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, as revealed by Brendan Greene himself.

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Imp0ssibl3460d ago

That's fantastic, I love the water in Sea of Thieves (not so much the game, seems boring so far).

naruga460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

PUBG evolved to be an online megahit (not unfairly as it got very well done TPS mechanics , world and addictive objective )...and as a success hyenas are trying shred it more and more...MS has for good set foot on it and i doupt if it ever going to be multiplatform ....others like Activison or Bethesda like vultures they are also have eyes on it (lame scavengers that usually eat the what is left form others --see Bungie) .... ..Bring some new games you untalented bunch!!

- Overwatch -Diablo 3-WoW are below trash in quality and fortunatley are at last flopping in fron of this qualitesque mod , MS has to release a worthy new game IP since X360 also Bethesda and Ubi havent produce even 1 damn game that is not crap /boring /uninspired since PS1 era

Cy460d ago

You seem like a bot that posts the most common and overused comment section talking points.

naruga460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

@Cy.... while you re posting genuine, humorous and enjoyful comments making all of us here in N4G to love you

PFFT460d ago


As Well as it should. The game should be open to all platforms. More platforms more money to the developers and in turn the developers can release more content and or new projects. Its a Win Win for all.

kevnb460d ago

they canceled the xbox version?

yeahokwhatever460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

With PUBG, this is one of those times I'd like a good studio, and experienced studio, to make exactly the same game, but, you know, polished. Could you imagine how good of a game PUBG would be if adults made it? Basic things are broken in PUBG. There's even extremely hacky work-arounds present in the software. Example: every time a match is over, THE ENTIRE GAME HAS TO RELOAD. Why? They couldn't fix things. Imagine this game being done in Gorilla Games' engine for Horizon..

LexHazard79460d ago

not for a while..

WilliamSheridan460d ago

So I'm confused. This incredibly sought after game is mocked for going Xbox console exclusive, but Capcom and Street Fighter were praised?

I never can understand why it's always ok for Sony to buy an exclusive, but anything Microsoft buys it's instantly touted as a selfish money grab that should have been shared. It's such a sad mentality.

This is why I think Sony can't remain on top. I don't think this level of hatred and anger can become the dominant force.

That being said, I'd love to just see one mega console to rule them all... Just combine the two and let's all hug

chuckyj1460d ago (Edited 460d ago )


I think it was coming going to PS4, until the publishing deal was signed with Microsoft studios. I believe it is now a Xbox Console Exclusive with the publishing deal in place.

zerocarnage460d ago

Does that go for Sony then as well who seemed to of sank there teeth Into bunjie for destiny 2,it seems now bunjie are Sony's little whore.

Sorry but you can't blame ms anywhere with bunjie, they made sure bunjie had all the money in the world when it came to creating halo and looked after that studio. Bunjie chose to walk away only to end up under a worse publisher which is Activision and then I can agree with you on that part as they truly sank there teeth in and anything bunjie now creates gets torn apart by acti ie Destiny, would of been much better still under ms. because Activision have been so good at ruining destiny for bunjie all because they're out for the money and greed gotten to them long time ago.

darren_poolies459d ago

Trying to read this comment made my head hurt.

mafiahajeri459d ago

Thats funny you know it wont go multiplat? Im playing it right now on my PC 😂😂😂

Poor delusional Xbox fanboys, living in their own world...

vegasgamerdawg459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

How did this turn into a fanBOY fight? Fking children. Can't you go to Nick Jr or something and have your little sissy fights? N4G is basically the same argument asking the same question, with the same talking points in every comment section. It's incredibly boring and insane at the same time. All non-employee of MS or Sony fans just punch yourself in your little low IQ brainwashed's the same conversation for 20 years

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subtenko460d ago

well, the game in its current state, are the activitys finish or can you not experience everything you can do in Sea of thieves currently? I realize the game could be really bland when it releases, im just waiting it out not checking every single news about it

meka2611459d ago

It's in it's alpha stage. An alpha is just to make sure the game engine is working and bug free. They will add actual content in the beta. Not saying you did this, but I'm tired of people saying, "there's nothing to do." No shit it's a damn alpha.

FITgamer460d ago

Well after the most recent play session I finally got a chance to play a decent amount of SoT. With a group of people it's fun as hell.

I could imagine it would be extremely boring if you went the solo route.

That being said I wasn't sure about SoT at first, but now I'd say there's 95% chance that it'll be a day one buy for me. Assuming it doesn't launch near some other big title I'm interested in.

Tsar4ever01460d ago

"I love the water in Sea of Thieves (not so much the game, seems boring so far." quote,


SierraGuy460d ago

When it comes to PS4 are they leaving the water effects out?

UltraNova459d ago

Depends on how many dotted lines Bluehole signed.

notachance460d ago

it'll be crushed by Monster Hunter World anyway

non MH gamers still don't know what kind of super addictive crack that'll hit 'em next year, better be prepared lol.

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iDadio460d ago

Still wont make me feel any better trying to swim across islands to avoid the guantlets on the bridges

WhyHate459d ago

Keep in mind that little to none of the proprietary Microsoft tech will make it into the PS4 version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds similar in the same way that the Minecraft 4K texture pack may never appear on the PS4. Though the latter part of my statement may happen due to Minecraft being MS goodwill gesture to help kick start with in the industry a feature developers and customer have asked for, for years now.

(Cross-Network Play)
And if you're old enough to have witnessed it, then you're aware of the truth in that comment.

The statement made by
"Also, in a funny twist, Microsoft will indirectly help improve a game that’s eventually going to end up on Sony’s rival PlayStation 4 console".

That is pure conjecture by the article's author designed to make the PS4 owner feel better about the game's Sony platform situation. By the time they get started developing and talking about the PS4 version of PUBG we will also start to get word about MS/Sony next gen systems.

The PS4 version of PUBG will have its own development path separate from this Bluehole / MS deal.

And really PS gamers isn't that the way you would want it.

frostypants459d ago

I feel dumber for having read that.

WhyHate459d ago

The truth scares you huh.

I have read some of your previous post, and I'm not sure how it would be possible for you to feel any dumber then you actually are bud.

LightofDarkness459d ago (Edited 459d ago )


This is obviously part of their exclusivity deal, and MS would never allow them to use their technology on another machine without express consent. That's how software licensing works. This is probably just MS ensuring that the game takes a very long time to appear elsewhere, because if this tech becomes tied to gameplay, the team will have to develop a facsimile that doesn't infringe on MS's intellectual property, or else a license to publish on Playstation will have to be sought. This is both short-sighted by BlueHole and a very shrewd move from MS.

ninsigma460d ago

Nice. Good way to do a partnership!

freshslicepizza460d ago

Well it looks like Microsoft wants to try and keep this partnership going.

Alexious460d ago

They will if they're smart. This is more important than anything else they have announced from their internal studios.

Genuine-User460d ago (Edited 460d ago )

Yeah, it's the biggest thing on PC right now, no wonder Microsoft wants to keep a healthy partnership with Bluehole.

Spot on.

AmUnRa460d ago

Yeah i know, just like Hideo Kojima from Death Stranding uses the decima engine from Guerrilla.

PcRandy459d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft buy bluehole in the future

ninsigma459d ago

Battlegrounds is a very popular game so it would definitely be a good buy.

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KaiPow460d ago

What a cool little underappreciated detail.

nativegoku460d ago

That's a nice set of words ya got there. Have a good day😇