Witcher 3 To Get 4K Update For The PS4 Pro In A Few Days, Xbox One X by End of Year

CD Project Red has recently confirmed in a financial result presentation that they are releasing a new 4K update for The Witcher 3 on the PS4 Pro and upcoming Xbox One X.

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Excellent news, I still have to finish some of the DLCs content and now is the best time to do it in 4K. Yeahhh!!!!-

thekhurg257d ago

Good news for console gamers. It looks glorious in UHD resolution.

NewMonday257d ago

held off playing the final expansion for this

4Sh0w257d ago

I haven't played it yet. I hear it's great all the time but I've just been waiting for some well deserved time off so I can dive in for about 5 or 6 hrs first play through. I waited this long so I might as well wait for the 4K update on the X, hope it lives up to my *reasonable hype expectations.

FITgamer257d ago

I've only played about an hour of the game so i'm waiting for this before I get back into it.

Kingthrash360257d ago

I knew when they announced a xbox x update that the pro would get one's only natural. It great news for all owners and future owner's of these updated consoles. The witcher is one of the heist quality rpg''s this generation

gta2800256d ago

Good thing I didn't finish the last DLC. Looks like I'm just gonna wait for the patch.

NewMonday256d ago (Edited 256d ago )


the Witcher has the best writing in gaming IMOO, from mature dialog to pacing, even minor characters and small side-stories are great.

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Hardiman256d ago

I'm in the same boat as I still have both DLC expansions to go through. Hell come to thonk of it I'm on the last mission of the main quest. So I'll wait till the Pro update and then finish it and begin the new quests! I've put so many hours into this game and still have to finish it.

TheKingKratos257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Give me supersampling and high/very high graphics setting and i will buy it.
Already have it on PC
But i really respect those guys and i want to give them as much support as possible

nowitzki2004257d ago

First I was like Whaaaat?

Then I was like yeah they totally deserve it lol.

HeyNowChillax257d ago

I'll buy it for PC as well when those Vega 56's get back in stock for $349. CDProjektRed deserves every penny, much like Digital Extremes.

monkey602257d ago

Any excuse for a second playthrough ;)

nitus10257d ago

The game is so huge that it is very easy to forget some of the things you did on your first playthrough especially if you replay after a year and have the additional DLC.

joab777257d ago

Dlc is like another game.

AndreR257d ago

Just bought the game. great news!!!

nitus10257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

- Play on either "Blood and Broken Bones" or better yet "Death March".
- Make sure to select "Gourmet" as your first attribute.
- When you get the chance do the Witcher school quests.
- Don't get put off at the low percentage of some of your potions and oils they can be made very much stronger.

BTW. To really appreciate the game don't ever wimp out and reduce the difficulty.

joab777257d ago

Always Death March because after about 40% through it gets very easy.

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WelkinCole257d ago

Also explore the ? on the maps. In the first map there are a lot of places of power that are really handy to upgrade.

hades07257d ago

Agreed with all of the above, explore, explore explore before moving forward. Each side quest has the thought put into it like a main quest would.