Halo Wars 2: how Xbox One X compares to base hardware and PC

Richard Leadbetter: "If there's one aspect of Xbox One X coverage we've yet to explore in depth so far, it's how enhanced first-party titles compare with existing PC and Xbox One versions of the same game. For example, all marketing of the beautiful Forza Motorsport 7 has been on X hardware, while other titles such as Sea of Thieves have only been demoed thus far running on the Xbox One S. The good news is that at Gamescom, we were given access to an early build of Halo Wars 2 running on Xbox One X, and armed with 4K direct feed capture, we're able to offer an early look at scalability on an established Xbox Play Anywhere title."

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ChipdiddyChip315d ago

I really enjoyed the 1st Halo Wars. I still need to get this game, will probably get it when the XB1X arrives, looks fun.

timotim315d ago

I bought the Ultimate Edition or whatever its called day one because I wanted both 1&2 in digital. But like you, I'm waiting to really go threw them on X!

KionicWarlord222315d ago

"But there's no doubt at all that the developer has delivered a full, native 4K presentation here and lighting differences aside, Xbox One X is essentially on par from a visual perspective with the PC game running fully maxed out at ultra HD resolution. Texture work and effects fidelity are a match, for example, and while direct comparison points are hard to come by with the material we have, there's no sense that prospective Xbox One X owners are going to be shortchanged in terms of the rich visuals. "

Native 4K and maxed settings.

Only the best for Da X.

Destiny1080315d ago

pc version runs at twice the frame rate and the xbox version has screen tearing and drops to 20 fps

KionicWarlord222315d ago

Its not a final build in regards to screen tear and drops. Digital Foundry noted in the video a section they were in with lots of explosions and alpha effects had a locked framerate in the campaign for Xbox One.

Digital Foundry seems to be pleased.

"We'll be reporting back at launch with a more robust test of Halo Wars 2's performance level and visual feature set, but thus far, we like what we see."

timotim315d ago

Who's PC are you referring to? Certainly not mine haha. Some people throw around "PC" as if they are all the same. Fact is most people don't have a PC that can play this game at 4k/30 FPS at all. X gives gamers the option for only $ can beat that as a gamer.

And there is no "PC version" as you say. There is only one UWP version that scales depending on what platform you play it on. Since every X is the same, then it will play like this on every single unit sold. However, on PC, that all depends on your specs. While some might be able to get there PC to run it at 4k, they may not have enough juice to also get it to 60FPS...and others might only be able to do 1080/30.

Since the PC is not a console, you can't talk about it like its one...

freshslicepizza314d ago

I get it running well on my PC but I only play them at 1080p (thats what my monitor is) so its a bit disappointing that the XB1X is going to be capped at 30fps. Looks like Microsoft is also going to make sure any multiplyer will be at parity with the regular Xbox One. I bet Forza Horizon 3 will be 4k buit also locked at 30 on the XB1X.

Muadiib315d ago

Is it the best though when it's only 30fps and a 5 year old PC cpu can run in at double the framerate?

KionicWarlord222315d ago

What 5 year old PC is running this game maxed out in native 4K at 60 fps?

You cant be serious .

Fishy Fingers315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Of course a decent (at the time) 5 year old OCed CPU can.... when it’s coupled to a £650 GTX1080.

Muadiib315d ago

I didn't mention 4K, I mentioned the framerate, btw, a five year old cpu could give 4K60 if coupled with a recent GFX card. One point I was trying to make is that the cpu in the XBOneX is a joke (same for the Pro) and they should be embarrassed about it. 1080p60 is far more relevant to most gamers and contributes more to gameplay than the gimmick that is 4K30, that's my main point. The cpu's in those consoles should've stayed in the cheap laptop they took them from. \/ \/

iistuii315d ago

Agree. Why they are all obsessed with 4k when most gamers are still on 1080 tv's is beyond me. If i still gamed on consoles I'd prefer a 1080/60 or upscaled to 4k/60 than 4k/30 anyday.

LP-Eleven315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Some of them might not get what you're saying, but I do. For example, 5 years ago, we had the GTX 690 out in the wild. It was a monstrous card, at the time. Paired with Sandy Bridge-E and 32GB of RAM (my PC specs by early 2013), it could absolutely hit the framerates of any current gen console. 4K is another matter, but like you said, don't know why some chose to conveniently add that in there.

Allsystemgamer315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


A 5 year old pc with a 1060 can do 5 year old going on 6 laptop could run it on high at 1440p/60fps.

It's not a very demanding game.

This seems to be a pattern. A game that has low demands gets 4k 30(yuck) support and you all bend the knee and thank your god Microsoft then when a game that has actual simulations etc running (destiny) that require a decent CPU then it's the developers fault.

Cult. Like. Behaviour.

Fishy Fingers315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Conveniently LP? We’re replying to a post closing with “Native 4K and maxed settings”

Youre ignoring that and making it about any given res/settings, pretty sure a console could hit 60 frames at 480p low settings.
But what does that to do with the post?

KionicWarlord222315d ago

The point of this article is 4K.

I dont understand all this sidestepping going on here. Halo wars 2 is running in native 4K at Pc`s highest settings.

There`s really nothing to spin here.

I know your a PC gamer but this is a console you cant be saying crazy stuff like
"btw, a five year old cpu could give 4K60 if coupled with a recent GFX card." .

Now were comparing 400-500 dollar gpus now to a console.

Getting weird.

Muadiib314d ago

I doubt the xXboxXxOneXx Could handle 1080p60, that's my point. Framerate is more important than resolution. I can't believe 1080p60 isn't a standard yet on console, surely that should be the minimum for anyone that has played that way. If Sony and Micorsoft had focused their hardware and software on that standard, then we would likely have had some actual innovation this gen.

All of these attempts at pushing 4K is just to tick some boxes and likely to just to sell more 4K tv's, I wonder how many deals were made? Now I don't mind businesses collaborating, but not at the expense of innovation. Or perhaps the VG business is really that creatively bankrupt and this is just the best they could manage...

pandehz314d ago

The X is a great console but that 5 yr old cpu thing is bs.

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timotim315d ago

I'm definitely playing it in Beast Mode when I get my X!

morganfell315d ago

"lighting differences aside"

That can be huge.

Allsystemgamer315d ago

I'm going to start calling you guys the "Cult of X".

You're starting to get really creepy.

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DivineAssault 315d ago

At least its getting support..