Dynasty Warriors 9 Reveals Several Characters With New Screenshots on Famitsu

New Dynasty Warriors 9 screenshots introduce a new batch of characters that will join the game.

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thatguyhayat344d ago

Isnt xu sheng a new character? Havent played ther series since the original 8 not the empires or extreme legends

zerocarnage344d ago

Havnt played a dynasty warriors for time.

I love the games really do, but the lack of co op play or how awkward they make co op play is annoying. I mean you get a friend in to your game and every time you finish a map you have to 're add them, after so many games you would of thought they would of got co op play/online play down to a T now.

It's about time that they honestly turned these games into a fully fledged mmorpg as well, where you can see everyone at town, join one of the dynastys and PvP against others and create a massive expansive world where players can explore.

Koies games need to evolve, yes they have there fan base and they have everything at there disposal to take the franchise's they have forward and make these game bigger and better. They have everything in the way of levelling systems, history, lore, great looking environments, good combat, evolution materials, they have it all and can not see that the game so really now needs to evolve.

DivineAssault 344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I hope this game ends up good.. I want a current gen DW for my PS4.. Its tradition to have at least 1 DW per generation for me..

ErogeMaster343d ago

Still better than any of the Nintendo omega force games.