Dragon’s Dogma for PS4 and Xbox One Gets New Trailer: Mage, Sorcerer and Mystic Knight

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for PS4 and Xbox One lets you be a powerful mage, a deadly sorcerer, or a heavily armored mystic knight.

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Nu341d ago

My most anticipated RPG right here

joab777341d ago

Anyone who hasn't played this, get it! Amazing game. And I wonder if they will have the online UR Dragon?

TheKingKratos341d ago

It's such an incredible game

I was shocked when i faced the real dragon on the island
I thought i finished the game before i met him
only to go to the same place again to face him again in his final form
I can't wait to play it again on the pro

Innnsanity341d ago

A great game to revisit, I hope one day we'll also see a great sequel. (for Console and PC)

bumbleforce341d ago

What's so good about this game

Nu341d ago

Medicore story but deep combat and class system. Bitter Black Island is where the best part of this game is at.

341d ago