Top 5 Highest Grossing Video Games Franchises

When video game creators invest their time and companies money they have one wish in mind and that is to sell millions of copies and become the best video game franchise known in the industry. The games on this top 5 list of all time grossing franchises did just that and will continue to grow in the gaming industry for years to come.

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PhoenixUp100d ago

You know the Sonic the Hedgehog series hasn't sold more than Pokémon franchise right?

JROCKNXL100d ago

overall with all Sonic games it has sold more.

FallenAngel1984100d ago

How can you list Sonic the Hedgehog as the #2 biggest selling franchise in the gaming industry when Wikipedia, your credited source, says otherwise

JROCKNXL100d ago

All Sonic games total have sold more copies than Pokemon or other franchises. sorry could not add a secondary link which has more Sonic titles listed.

InKnight7s98d ago

COD is the only non deserve its zero efforts bullshit that game didnt change since MW2. Yet people greatly supporting it.

Fishy Fingers98d ago

Yup. People spend their money on what they want. What’s the world coming too.

LexHazard7998d ago

And yet Millions have fun playing it every yr it comes out. So id say its very deserving.