Raiders of the Broken Planet Xbox One X And PS4 Pro Differences Will Be Difficult To Notice – Dev

Unless and until you are someone who loves performance analysis.

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WePlayDirty381d ago

Yeah. The infamous Tomb Raider comparison wasn't an honest one.

WePlayDirty381d ago

If you look at the original comparison of the screenshot on Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and PC, you can tell the Xbox One X model as more textures and detail compared to the other 2. This is due to the game mechanic that the facial model will change if Lara takes enough damage. MS execs were running with this dishonest comparison.. smh.

Obscure_Observer381d ago


If some dirty and bruises on her face are the only difference that you can see, imo you seriously need some new glasses.

darthv72381d ago

So you are saying it was dishonest because they were using a build that was optimized for the X and not one that was exactly the same for the Pro...or PC?

I guess if the X was able to run the Pro version then it would be a like for like but seeing as they are different then there are going to be differences.

WePlayDirty381d ago


No. I’m saying it wasn’t the same. As in Lara’s heatlh in the Ps4 and PC version weren’t the same as the X1X versions.


Those are NOT the only differences I can see. Holy crap you are dense.

LexHazard79380d ago

You got proof of this. Just face the facts Xbox One X is better than PS4 Pro and in some cases most gaming rigs. MS must be paying devs and even Digital Foundry to say that as well. Comparisons are killing the fanboys slowly.

WePlayDirty380d ago

Lex, I got proof of what? That the health wasn't the same? Yeah. It's a game mechanic.

WilliamSheridan380d ago

Health wasn't the issue. The detail on the face is drastically different. Maybe GPU health...

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Obscure_Observer381d ago (Edited 381d ago )


Dishonest? You got some balls to call DF dishonest because you don´t like the results from their analyisis. Plus, you should be ashamed by the simply FACT that Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of the best and well optimized title on the PS4 Pro to this day.

Most of PS extreme fans are too coward to admit that Nixxes Software did a better job on a PS4 Pro enhanced game that most Sony´s first party studios like Naughty Dog and Polyphony. To this day Rise of the Tomb Raider is one of PS4 Pro´s TOP 3 enhanced games on Digital Foundry´s rank alongside Horizon: Zero Dawn and Wipeout HD.

ROTR on Xbox One X is not just a simple resolution boost. PLENTY of new effects, textures, lighting/shadow that are not present on the PS4 Pro, so it´s pretty obvious that the differences would be noticiable.

WePlayDirty381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Dude. Did you READ my second comment? This isn’t about me not liking any results. The situation isn’t the same in the screenshot. That makes it a dishonest comparison. What makes it worse was Xbox Execs ran with it. It was embarrassing. The original screenshot was updated to reflect a more honest comparison.

Why should I be ashamed? Did I say ROTR on PS4 looks bad? No I didn’t.

Obscure_Observer380d ago


"This isn’t about me not liking any results. The situation isn’t the same in the screenshot. That makes it a dishonest comparison"

Imo, you should choose your words more carefully.

"Dishonest" is a bit of a stretch don´t you think? Dishonesty is based on malice and bad faith. If you say it was not entirely fair because of that particular lara´s face capture i would agree. Dishonesty really doesn´t apply in this context.

WePlayDirty380d ago

So they intentionally or accidentally compared it to make Xbox One X version look far superior. You can choose.

leoms380d ago

at some point you xbots have to stop drinking the ms cyanide

Donnie81380d ago

He is right about rise of the tomb raider being amazing on the pro. It really is one of the best looking games on the system

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Aries83380d ago


Why do you seem to just focus on the facial aspect? What about the video on Digital Foundry where they show the environment also. Things like test in the murals being sharper and easier to read?

I feel your assessment is a dishonest one.

WePlayDirty380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

looks like Aries wasn't following Along. I haven't been saying the comparison as a whole was dishonest. Just the ridiculous picture the Xbox execs tweeted and made it seem like the X was far ahead of even the PC. Greenberg is embarrassing

conanlifts380d ago

You are saying it is dishonest over a single image, rather than the full comparison. You address getting your knickers in a knot over nothing.

WePlayDirty380d ago

lol. It’s also Dishonest for the MS execs to go around parading that one image.

81BX380d ago

That video confirms the Xbox 1x version of that shot and the pc version look the same... The pro version is lacking though

leoms380d ago

you're wasting your time. These xbotsare taking ms piss for water

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darthv72381d ago

The differences to notice are between the base systems and their upgrades.

AizenSosuke380d ago

Honestly, It's hard to tell or I might be blind or something?

goken380d ago

it's hard to tell... i think someone should do a challenge and get people to guess the console versions.
i mean i have no doubt the x version will be the best, but i believe it would be really hard to tell the difference.
someone should test on a 50-60 inch 4k TV (i believe this to be the average size, i have a 49 not even full hd, but my GF has a 62 4k)
test side by side and one at a time. i think it is unlikely too many people would be able to tell much of a difference.

WhyHate380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

All this bickering and nit picking every little detail between games on the X1X and PS4 Pro...

We can all just cut to the chase and state it like we already know, most multi-platform games will run better on
Xbox One X. The dev MercurySteam knows it just like most of the people in this thread know.

Just one more thing to cry about this fall, OK now fall in line with those disagrees and prove my point.

MrFisher21380d ago

Or games will perform great on both?

B1uBurneR380d ago

great? Well Greatness awaits Nov 7.

sk8ofmnd380d ago

This will be the trend going forward. The differences between 720-900p vs 1080p were much easier to detect than 4k checkerboard vs native 4k. Unless you have really good vision and or are standing close to the tv. Thank goodness for digital foundry and their microscope when its dick measuring time 😳

Gwynbleidd380d ago

It will be noticeable on a 4K TV. But you are right, most people won't notice, especially from a far, like from the couch. It was the same with PS4 vs Xbox One. You wouldn't notice a difference unless you came close to the TV or if you hade side by side comparisions. The whole res debate is so obsolete!
I am happy with my Xbox and never bother about a few ps here and there cause the games play the same on every platform. Same will be for the X1X vs PS4pro.

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