Did We All Forget How Bungie/Activision Treated The Community With The First Game?

With all the Destiny 2 hype people seem to be forgetting how bad the first game release was and how Bungie and Activision treated their community.

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thekhurg464d ago

Bungie treated us with love and respect.

Yukes464d ago

I'm not sure if it was the leftover Chinese I had for breakfast, but I feel a little queasy...

nX464d ago

Some people must be stupid forgetting Destiny 1 like that. Sure you can like the concept, but you can't pretend it was well done by Bungie. I still hate parts of this game despite stopping playing years ago.

Sam Fisher464d ago

Lmfao 😂😂

I don't believe it was the food

Thunder_G0d_Bane464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

Well Destiny 2 is now on PC and it’s the definitive version of the game so I’m happy to wait.

Bungie has done right by me by putting it on battlenet so it’s right there next to my WoW, Overwatch an hearthstone apps.

r3f1cul464d ago

didnt forget ... didnt buy ... will not buy ... bungie will never get another cent from me as a gamer ... entire first games season pass was a joke, nothing of worth was added until they wanted to nickel and dime me for more money... game had no story that was actually in game or actually worth looking into... the single most definition of SSDD in a game ive ever played in my life ...

zerocarnage464d ago

All true and the fact the development of the game showed a lack of experience, they said they wanted to get gamers gaming together yet simple features like auto matchmakj g on raids were left out. In fact the devs got Destiny so wrong they forgot some of the simest features and content that make up the base of an mmorpg.

To me Destiny was the worst con and lie of the gaming industry.

FITgamer464d ago

TBF fair all this DLC BS is likely the work of Activision, not Bungie.

maybelovehate464d ago

Vault of Glass is still the best thing Bungie ever made in their entire existence and it was part of the original game.

jmc8888464d ago (Edited 464d ago )

Which I never got to play because there was no matchmaking, and the only 'friends' I met on the game were behind me, so I quit for a time as I had nothing to do, and when I went back, they were all past it and me.

No one wanted to play it again, at least when I was on, and most people had moved on to DLC, thus making it even harder for people to do it.

Thus I had no one to play with. Going around messenging people didn't work. So on and so forth. I even went to a 3rd party website and never got an invite.

So whatever Vault of Glass was, however great it was, a willing player never got to participate in it, and it was Bungie's fault.

That was the main problem with Destiny outside of content issues, and it simply was one of the most idiotic game design decisions I've ever heard of. Matchmaking AND fireteams, not just fireteams or you're screwed.

maybelovehate464d ago

@jmc8888: I never had any issues finding fireteams. Have over 300 Raid runs lol. Most were with clans but also many with LFG. It was such a popular game it was never hard to find a group.

wirapuru464d ago

If that wasn't enough they're bundled with ACTIVISION, which in the past was one of the best companies in the game industry, and now serves as the perfect example to prove that Satanic forces do exist and take over the best things amongst us D:

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MrBeatdown464d ago

I remember buying a game and playing it and having fun. Then I bought the collection and had fun.

Call me crazy, but I'm not the type to buy expansion after expansion after expansion, then decide I'm a victim.

Jeff257464d ago

Same here. I did get a little burnt out on Destiny shortly after Rise Of Iron came out and didn't do the whole Age Of Triumphs thing but I still enjoyed my time with the first game and I don't feel bad at all about buying into it. My family also played it some and between the amount of time I spent on Destiny 1 along with my family we more than got our money's worth. Granted we only had one copy of Destiny 1 so we had to share but for Destiny 2 we bought two copies so I can play along with them. Still money well spent.

A good way to look at it is compare it to the price of a movie ticket and how much entertainment time you get for the money spent. For one taking a family like mine even to matinee shows can cost almost as much as a game. Add in popcorn, drinks, and snacks and we go over a game. Most movies run 90 minutes to 2 hours with a few pushing 3 hours. Of course you can get it cheaper if you just wait for the Blu Ray but some movies are better seen in a Theater.

Now look at games like Destiny. I spent over 641 hours playing it and some of my fellow clan mates played it far more. All told I did spend over $140 but looking at the hours spent and the fact because I had it on day one I was able to experience it right alongside my friends. Sure I could have gotten it cheaper later but part of the price for me was playing it with them.

In any case if people hate the game or the sequel that is fine. It's never going to be a game for everyone. But some people truly did get good value out of it and will most likely get the same kind of enjoyment from Destiny 2.

Jeff257464d ago

Dance Party at the Farm.

464d ago
EmperorDalek464d ago

"people seem to be forgetting how bad the first game release was"

Yes. It was so bad that it only had the highest retained player base this gen... Come on. It only got two small expansions in its first year, so the original launch couldn't have been that bad, as tons of people continued to play it.

A bad launch is something like Evolve, where even if they somehow made free updates to make it the best game ever, no one would still be playing it to care.

FunAndGun464d ago

Tons of people like fidget spinners.

EmperorDalek464d ago

Completely unrelated. Apart from the fact that fidget spinners look like the Destiny logo

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