CoD WW2 Pre Order Bonus Grants a Big Head Start, Three New Weapons Confirmed

This year's CoD WW2 pre order bonus is pretty significant, offering a big boost at the start of your adventure.

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0Day345d ago

Troll to Troll. This is a great idea and doesn’t break the balance. Preordering a choice.

Chaosdreams345d ago

Preordering is absolutly a choice. It's a choice that's waving a benefit. During the opening days/weeks of the game's release, those who preorder will have better access to weaponry than those who don't.

Better gun, more kills, more wins. Paying, to win (albeit, temporarily).

SSmoke345d ago

is that strictly for digital orders or does this mean for the people who put $5 down at gamestop as well? if it is only for digital orders then its pretty shitty but if a person put $5 down for a physical copy they should get the token as well. its only pay to win if its one sided, imo..

DARK_WOLF345d ago

If you think have to have a lvl40+ unlock to win then you must suck at the game.

joab777345d ago

Ya know. I used to have a problem with this, until I realized that I don't have a year to dedicate to any one game anymore. Not even close, and as each game adds more and more content to keep you engaged, I have just started slipping buying mist games and playing the ones I love a lot longer.

NoFanboyJustLovGames345d ago

cool idea honestly....... glad i pre ordered

Usperg345d ago

ahahahaha So a level 1 newbie can use a token to purchase one weapon of choice up to max level 52.

Boy oh Boy that butthurt cod kid rage will be flowing from the heavens!!!!
I wonder how many times the words " Pre-order [email protected]" will be used on the first full day of release !