Top 5 Call of Duty: WWII Fixes We Want To See

MP1st lists their most wanted Call of Duty: WWII changes, following the console betas.

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PistolsAtDawn348d ago

I always want dedicated servers, but it seems like that's a pipe dream now and that Activision has settled on the "you're gonna buy it either way" approach. Other than what I could tell from the BETA, I was happy...I think they just need to nerf the PPSH a bit cause it was WAY OP...and I think I would be okay with allowing 2 perks instead of just the one (that being said, I do appreciate the "back to bare bones" bit). Either way I'm happy with the game so far, it's a breath of fresh air from the most recent's made the wait for my Scorpio even more unbearable though.

NobleRed347d ago

Fix quick scoping and drop shotting.