One person is trying to preserve the entirety of Miiverse

The end of Miiverse is quickly drawing near. Once November rolls in, the social networking service will be no more. A bunch of games will be impacted by its closure, but the community itself will also be shuttered.

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gtxgamer2316d ago

They should've kept it alive, but brought it to the switch as well.

franwex316d ago

Bless his heart. The miiverse was a pretty cool concept. It was fun powering on the Wiiu and seeing all the miis running and chanting player drawings.

Xenophon_York316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

MiiVerse is an amazing component in the Nintendo gaming experience. Terrible idea to take it away. The art that comes from its users is phenomenal.

Nodoze316d ago

Just goes to show the frailty and lack of permanence ALL digital games/services etc have. Once the publisher pulls the plug...that's it. The experience you knew and in some cases perhaps loved are gone forever. Sad really that the retro crowd will never get the full experience when they are looking to fire up these consoles/games in the future.