Should Sony Make a PlayStation Hybrid Console?

With rumors of Sony preparing something new in the hardware space, could something along the lines of a PlayStation Switch be possible?

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naruga133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

if they have the proper games for it ready then yes (Kojima AAA games, Monster Hunter, Persona etcetc) ..if they plan to release it with lame western games like Uncharted and Killzone and afterward wait to get support then absolute NO

UCForce133d ago

Yup, you completely hate western games like a lot.

UltraNova132d ago

They need both if its ever going to be successful. Personally speaking, I want the ps5 to be Sony's full and only commitment with no unnecessary gimmicks. The switch already exists, no need for PlayStation to copy it.

bouzebbal132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

no they shouldn't, but they could take remote play to the next level through vita software update or revolutionize it by using phones remote play with PS4.
My 4K HDR XZ premium is only waiting for this feature!

UCForce133d ago

It's not your opinion about Western games, buddy. It's more like vendetta from you. For me, I prefer both.

naruga133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

i like lot of them when -we- the retarded white guys take it seriously ...Halo CE, original Crash Bandicoot series, Half Life ....However i dont want to even hear for games from Bethesda ,Ubisoft etcetc

UCForce133d ago

I get it, but the western gaming is still important. I have to support the old, the present and next generation on Western and Eastern.

LexHazard79133d ago

Western games is whats pushing the industry...not Japanese titles.
Check top 10 played games on most gaming platforms (not nintendo) 8/10 most likely Western games.

UCForce132d ago

Western and Eastern gaming are pushing the gaming industry forward in the first place. Not just one.

132d ago
zerocarnage132d ago

But they don't have monster Hunter, since the next MH game is monster Hunter world being release on most platforms.

jznrpg132d ago

I love Japanese games but to not have western AAA is the same mistake they made with Vita. If it is popular with both it will recieve more support from both so I dont get your position

Kosic132d ago

I'm rather shocked everyone took you serious. When you were pointing at the release of the ps vita. No, we don't want to repeat that.

The switch has sold well so far. But what's it going to be like I'm a year or 2 time. Are people wanting a hybrid console or has the media made it sound that way.

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coffeemaster133d ago

I don't think they would do this unless it was strictly portable. Nintendo can sacrifice power for portability but i dont think playstation would give up that power

Leeroyw132d ago

Imagine a digital only ps4 portable. All your previous purchases work. It might not need any 'new' games. Just what comes out for the PS library. I have dozens of games I would love to play on the go from my digital downloads. But yeah. Not very profitable. But I would buy one in a heart beat.

Kun_ADR132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Digital only portable..? That is gonna be hard to achieve, considering the size of ps4 games.

Gamble20131d ago

You know it’s not that easy to simply make prior purchases carry over right? Sony has to reach out to the publishers and obtain a license for the game to be playable on a non console device, something they are not likely to grant for free. Maybe Sony published games could transfer but I doubt those too. Unfortunately that’s just business.

alexgibson133d ago

Maybe, if that was the PS5 and they are 100% committed to it. Honestly, though, Sony is about powerful home consoles and that its audience expects games that push graphical boundaries. That would be hard to achieve with a compromised hybrid.

goken132d ago

i don't know... but i think a ps4 portable would be pretty good, and you'd instantly have tonnes of games on it.
i'm not one to get multiple same consoles... but i would get ps4 portable

trainsgofast131d ago

Why you will not see a new Sony console anytime soon.
Sony and Ms are now feeling the slowing down of moore's law. If you take a look at what MS and Sony has done it's clear as day. The next PS5 will be in name only, not power until the move to 7nm nodes 2020 - 21..

Why do i say this is do only to the fact that X1X and PS4P is at right now 16nm nodes, and that's where the real power comes from. PS4 to Pro was 28nm down to 16nm so we got 2x the die space on the same sized wafer at the same cost as OG PS4's chip. Yes MS did the same with the X1X. 28nm to 16nm or 12CU to 44CU that's about 4x more with 2x the space on the die without the Esram. The point is that until next node is ready you will not see a new PS5. That's 7nm nodes to get a 4x in power with a 2x die space at a console price.

Cost is also in the way,
lets say you use Amd's new APU that are coming soon, and as of right now they don't have the GPU of even a PS4 Pro the die size is way to big for a console at even 16nm. The CPU foot print is way to big at this time. You need Amd to have a Notebook size Ryzen CPU or 7nm dies and so far i have not seen that from AMD . .

Ryzen is off the table but Sony could match X1X in die size and then maxing out the clock? Right now if we add the same 1172Mhz to PS4P you are at 5.4TF. Now you have to do something with the Heat and that Cpu.

danny818132d ago

thats portable not hybrid

VenumSnakeRising132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

FallenAngel1984 is right though.
PSP can play on your tv, at least the 2000's and PSP Go versions. That is hybrid too. How is it not hybrid like Switch, isn't switch the same thing? you can play on the go and on your tv? but you can do that on PSP too.
hybrid to you is just a portable that can play on the television, but PSP can do that too, so I don't know what you mean by hybrid to be honest. PSP is exactly that though, unless you are telling me me and Fallen are lying or something about the tv thing.

goken132d ago

it is a hybrid. you could connect the psp to the TV and game on it.

kneon132d ago

There are no hybrid consoles, just some portables that have video out.

FallenAngel1984132d ago

Switch is a portable, and you could play PSP games on a TV just like with NS.

danny818132d ago

i mean it in a sense where a studio doesnt only need to develop fopr 1 console (psp) rather then 2. console and protable. But imo i doubt Sony will let Ninty capitalize on an idea they should of executed first

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Liqu1d133d ago

No. I want a home console that can run all the latest 3rd party games.

ILostMyMind132d ago

Its name is PlayStation 4.