More Great Things For GTA Online Announced

Rockstar has revealed new content and items for GTA Online as they continue to expand an already massive game.

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I've been having this game since day one and I've yet to play it online. Maybe I'll try it out today and see what's so good about it.

Twinblade343d ago

Don't bother, as soon as you pop online, everybody is going to hunt you down and kill you for sport.

generic-user-name342d ago

People complain about it a lot, but the constant stream of adversary modes they bring out for free are great. Motor Wars is the latest one and it's a lot of fun.

yeahokwhatever343d ago

This title and subtitle are misleading to say the least. The article only mentions bonuses and in-game discounts to existing content.

EazyC343d ago

Playing this reminds me of a "F2P" game at this point. All this stuff I can never own unless I grind my way into oblivion.

Sam Fisher343d ago

Yup, what you payed for was the sp portion.
Now the mp is basically a micro trans feast

JackBNimble342d ago

I've never paid a dime other then for the game itself, You just have to know how to make money.

TheSaint342d ago

Yeah, online was actually fun at first, they've slowly devolved into a F2P mobile game. Lost a lot of respect for Rockstar because of this.

Pantz343d ago

Would like some single play...