The Inpatient is Until Dawn’s VR prequel | The Zero Review

I know Supermassive can create some seriously dismal, frightening scenery on a much larger scope, so I hope some of that makes it’s way to the full release.

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Neonridr104d ago

*Inpatient. How can so many sites not even spell the game right.. :P

TheZeroReview104d ago

All fixed! Typing too fast hah

Neonridr104d ago

lol, no worries. I thought maybe it was an autocorrect thing ;)

Cy103d ago

Shame this is wasted on VR.

thejigisup103d ago

Your sodium levels must be quite high.

GamesMaster1982103d ago

I sort of agree. I mean everyone who played and liked Untill Dawn should of been able to enjoy this prequal. And Vr should of just been a bonus like in Resident Evil 7.

S2Killinit103d ago

Sounds like my October/halloween season is looking good