Has Rockstar Gotten Greedy with GTA Online?

GTA Online is making money hand over fist with a never ending stream of microtransactions. It seems like every time we turn around, a new update is ready that introduces an even more expensive item . Which has us Rockstar Games getting a little greedy?

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lptmg438d ago

I blame Take Two and their numpty of a CEO, not exactly Rockstar

Antifan438d ago

I blame the gamers who are actually buying these shark cards in masses. They're definitely nothing but little kids using their mothers and fathers credit card.

Cyro438d ago

I'm sure there's a lot more who aren't kids. The in-game prices for vehicles, clothing, weapons, and properties are insanely high. Unless you some how have the time to grind for hours on end, it's really hard to get any of the new stuff from updates.

JackBNimble438d ago

The gamers who but the sharkcards are the reason the dlc is free. Just learn how to make money in the game .

GamesMaster1982437d ago

Was about to comment saying the exact thing. GTA online is full of kids who shouldn't even be playing the game, COD aswell.

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gtxgamer2438d ago

How about don't buy microtransactions and enjoy the free multiplayer content rockstar has been pumping out... I still do want SP dlc though.

Sgt_Slaughter438d ago

Kind of hard to do outside of the multiplayer mods since everything costs a f*ckton in-game dollars as well as every mission paying so little.

cfc83438d ago

If people buy, why not sell ? i now wouldn't be suprised if RDR2 get another delay.

seanpitt23438d ago

Of course red dead 2 is going to get another delay that game is coming q4 2018

KyRo438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

I can't help but feel you watched the gameranx video the other days before you penned this... I'd love to know peoples log time of being in load screens and lobbies Vs actually playing on GTAO. I cannot play it because it feels like you do just as much waiting as playing.

InTheZoneAC438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

You don't always have to be doing side missions/activities. There's enough to do in the open world.......... but you sound like those people who cry about being killed while not in passive mode

4U2NV438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

Think he was on about the unstable servers and having to wait ages to join a lobby or activity and being stuck in the loading clouds for ages. Either way that was a douchey reply.

rlow1438d ago

Hey, if people keep buying this stuff then why not. The problem isn't the company but those that buy it.

4U2NV438d ago

No the game is being made to FORCE you to buy shark cards. To earn the amount of money you need to purchase everything in game requires you to either grind for hours or pay for shark cards. However grinding and earning money the way the game should be played is horrendous infact itnis unplayable as making money in game is made harder due to idiots being told to destroy others players hard earned money wasting their time spent grinding to earn it. The only way around that is solo lobbies which requires changing internet settings to get a solo lobby which is another thing rockstar is preventing players from doing. So yes the game is a cash grab greed fest regardless of the 'free' dlc once every 6 months.

438d ago
4U2NV438d ago (Edited 438d ago )


i dont u cock well not the way its meant to be played anyway i set solo lobby and make money but thats not how the game is supposed to be played you donut.

438d ago
4U2NV438d ago

And where did i say i hated the game u daft cunt? I like the game i just dont like how rockstar are treating their customers. Like i said ive made money on the game but that required me to solo grind im a solo lobby to earn it, not by playing the game as rockstar wants you to as its impossible to do so. That explain enough for u dipshit?

Joe913438d ago

Completely false I have never bought a shark card and I have not had any problems buying what I want.

4U2NV438d ago

@joe wowwee good for you. Have i said ive even bought a sharkcard? No. I have over 50 million on gta u idiots im not on about me specifically im on about people who do not have as much or who have not played in a while and want all the new things. Just because you wasted half your life in your fake virtul world glitching away to get everthing you want does not mean everyone else does. So your telling me everthing you have bought is from solely playing the game legit in public lobbies? Bullshit get on now in a public lobby and go do a full cargo sell mission and watch me blow your ass out the sky to prove my point.

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