Call Of Duty WWII's Multiplayer Is The Best I've Played In 9 Years

TSA writes: "Not since 2008’s Call of Duty: World At War have I enjoyed the series as much as I did while playing the very recent WWII beta. For almost a decade, Activision and its trio of world class studios have continued to poke and prod at the flagship franchise, spinning it out in all kinds of risky and bizarre directions. Last year’s Infinite Warfare pushed the series a little too far out there for core fans and while the singleplayer campaign was solid, its achievements were blotted out by those of better, more ambitious shooters."

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Crazyglues319d ago

Yeah I know right..., been telling people it's pretty good... color me surprised.

P_Bomb318d ago

I disagree. 9 years? No way. I liked MW2 and BO1.

Derceto318d ago

Right, and last year's was the best you played in 8 years, and the one before that, was the best you played in 7 years......... *yawn* This series is tired garbage, just let it go already.

Relientk77318d ago

World at War and now WW2

I mean clearly you like old school Call of Duty, which is fine

Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 1 and 2 have amazing multiplayer though in my opinion