Yakuza Kiwami Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"The Yakuza series may have seemed daunting to some players in the past thanks to the story heavy games already being in their fourth and fifth entry but Sega has made great strides to try and bring more fans into the fold. With the release of Yakuza 0 earlier this year serving as a great starting point for those who want to learn about the backstory of Kazuya Kiryu now the company has released Yakuza Kiwami, a complete remake of the first entry in the series. Serving as the beginning of the core storyline with revamped features, is this still a great starting point for players?"

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rivaldoo777438d ago

Pure trash game. So comparable to gta5

MrFisher21438d ago

My first Yakuza game and I am loving it so far. Really impressed.

Sm00thNinja438d ago

Yakuza 0 is superior I'm almost every way. Do yourself a solid and pick this game up immediately

Sm00thNinja438d ago

Way too high for this game. I love this game but the cheap boss fights, the frame rate issues, the pacing are all well below the phenomenal Yakuza 0. I'm in the finale chapter but right now the game is a solid 7 imho. Then again I get that this is purely a remake and not a reimagining. Still can't wait for Kiwami 2, this is my first go at the series and it's become one of my favorite franchises instantly

Apocalypze438d ago

Well it is the first yakuza so obviously it wouldn't be the best of the series but regardless its highly enjoyable! And frame rate issues is minimal for me...

Sm00thNinja438d ago

Hopefully it's the worst in the series. How is it being the first in the series doom it to being obviously the not the best. I can name countless games where the original was the best in the series....

It's still a great remake but worthy of a 9.... I guess as remakes go but I didn't play the original so who am I to judge