Path of Exile Review: One of the best Diablo-style action-RPGs on Xbox is free [Windows Central]

Paul of Windows Central: "Path of Exile, the popular free-to-play Diablo-style action-RPG, has finally made the jump from Steam to Xbox One. With loads of characters, areas, and depth, plus extremely fair monetization, this is one free game every RPG fan needs to try."

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timotim344d ago

I'm going to try and download it today

Gh05t344d ago

I find it to be a great game, but I honestly would recommend the PC version over Xbox if you have a PC that can run it. The controls for the Xbox feel dated like playing Diablo on the PS1, it was fun but PC controls better with keyboard mouse. If you dont definitely get the Xbox version because this is a F2P game that should not be missed if Diablo style ARPG games are for you.

timotim344d ago

Good look Ghost, thank you! Ill probably get it on Xbox though so that I can co-op with my buddies/family that also have Xbox. Plus I don't play games like these with M&K, even if I play them on PC, I almost always use a gamepad.