New Leak Indicates That Resident Evil 7 DLC "Not a Hero" Will Be Free

After we have been waiting for Resident Evil 7 DLC for almost a year new information shows that two of them will be released on December 14th.

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core_577d ago

It was always announced as free dlc

GamesMaster198277d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Yep it was always meant to be free from the start. They even said they only delayed it to make it better from fan feedback from the main game. Now the upcoming Zoe DLC that you will pay for.

TracyMorgan77d ago

The information states that both of them will be released on December 14th and the Zoe DLC will be free to everyone with a season pass. The title just isn't right.

naruga76d ago

it is free because the game is downfalling and it is considered as Semi-flop no matter what trash game media report got what it deserved reroute the series to a regular TPS real Survival Horror game

G20WLY76d ago

^Lmfao let it go naruga, everyone else likes it 😂

PurpHerbison76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is common knowledge.

staticall76d ago

Resident Evil VII will have a Gold Edition, with all the DLC (official Resident Evil channel)

"Coming December 12th, 2017."
I think it's safe to assume that Zoe and Not a Hero will be released on December 12th too.

Soulst0rmer76d ago

What's the diff between gold and deluxe?

staticall76d ago

Not sure yet, sorry.
My personal guess, only differences are price and (maybe) that Gold will include a single code for all DLCs, while with Deluxe, you have to manually "purchase" free DLCs.

VersusDMC76d ago

Gold has all the dlc on disk. Like a game of the year edition. Deluxe was the main game and season pass bundle. Where you would have to download the dlc as it came out. Better be 39.99 at launch. As the main RE7 was light on content and full price. For comparisons sake Uncharted lost legacy is the same length and looks way better yet is 20 bucks cheaper.

porkChop76d ago

The DLC was always going to be free though. That's not news.

godashram76d ago

Besides it always being free.... the press release was sent out at 8am PST (well, that's when it hit my inbox) so it's not a rumor or leak.

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