AMD promises to improve IPC performance in future CPUs, talks about optimization in PC games

At this year’s PAX West, Joker got a chance to talk with AMD’s Don Woligroski who shared some interesting new information about the future CPUs of AMD, as well as the ongoing optimizations that AMD is trying to bring to PC games.

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Asuka386d ago

Yeah it is part of AMD's road map. Zen2 is going to improve the IPC over Zen along with a die shrink, and Zen3 improved upon Zen2. Current Zen is pretty much laying the ground work with each iteration building on top of it. Essentially the same thing Intel has been doing since Sandy Bridge way back in 2011/2012. At the end of the day it is all pretty much the same but with IPC and microcode improvements from gen to gen along with efficiency improvements associated with a die shrink. Regardless tech improvement in general is interesting and i cannot wait to see how performance stacks.

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Muadiib385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Doubt I'll buy an AMD cpu again after my disppointment with the FX8120 and FX8350. Too many times the last five years I had to make do with a shoddy framerate in the hopes the 8 cores would finally be taken advantage of (hint: they lied). A few days ago I finally sidegraded my PC and went with a five year old I7 (3820, it was a gift) and I'm getting an extra 20fps+ in games like Arkham Knight and WoW.

You really do get what you paid for.