What Would We Want from a PlayStation Handheld

On this episode of The PlayStation Podcast, Hosts Joseph and Ren talk DeadRising 4 on the PS4, PSVR getting a price drop and what it means for the future of VR. Rumors of a new PlayStation hand held circulate as Sony holds a mysterious conference on the 9th. There's a secret on Mana Game on the way, and why arent all PS4 limited editions PS4 Pros?

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-GreenRanger344d ago

Let's start off with what the Vita didn't have: affordable memory cards, first party support for longer than 2 years, easy to use data transferring, L2+R2, L3+R3, and HDMI out. The Vita was a nice device, but Sony really dropped the ball with it.

Chumdiddy344d ago

The main thing would be to go back to the mentality of the PSP. Of course you don't want your device hacked/modded but Sony worried about it too much with the Vita. Make a secure OS that likely will be broken one day but not for many years. In doing that, allow for ANY MicroSD card to be used with it.

In terms of power, the PSP was right generally in between a PS1 and PS2. The Vita was generally in between a PS2 and PS3. A new Sony handheld should be called the PSP2 and made in the look and operation of the PSP. Simply add another analog stick, R2/L2 and create a device that is roughly in line with the power of an undocked Switch, even if released over a year from now. DON'T make the PSP2 a modern console-powered handheld. Make it about a 33-50% bump over the Vita but using x86 tech to allow easy cross-platform titles. Do not use an Android OS.

Keep the touch screen but the toich panel isn't necessary. The screen should be a 1080p OLED the size and quality of the 1st edition Vita with a Mini-HDMI out to TV.

A device with those general options/specifications would be cheap to buy and easy to develop for. Learn from Nintendo and avoid your handheld being a graphical powerhouse. I still play my PSP! I'm yet to even want a Vita. Make a PSP2 and remember why it was great, stop obsessing over whether it'll be hacked because it WILL be eventually. Even when hacked only about 2% of users do it. Don't force expensive proprietary stuff upon users in fear of hacking.