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The Surge Review - NO. NO. NO. No. No. no.

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shloobmm3286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

GTFO. This game is fantastic. This is one of the worst reviews I have ever seen. Based on the review and the fact the guy didn't complete the game because he was stuck on boss more than likely means his review score is based more on the fact that the game didn't hold his hand than anything.

Movefasta1993286d ago

I am not surprised,a journalist recently struggled to pass the tutorial of cuphead

CrimsonWing69286d ago

Lol, that's the thing now. You'll never know if the reviewer is good at a game now and that's why it gets scores bad.

Kerppamaister286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Yeaaaah, I call clickbait.

AnubisG286d ago

This game is not a 1/5. It's not the best game out there but certainly not that bad either. I would say, 2.5/5-3/5 range.

lociefer286d ago

lol a review not even fit as a forum post

Chaosdreams286d ago

"Full disclosure here – I didn’t complete The Surge." - The supposed 'reviewer'

All this 'review' held was a low tier form of expressing ones opinion, a slew of curse words, a failure at trying to be witty, and zero backing as to how the 1/5 was even achieved.

Why was this garbage approved? It felt like a troll wrote this for clicks (and that's probably the case).

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The story is too old to be commented.