Pachter Says Xbox One X Sales Will Probably Be 1 Million This Holiday, Talks About Units Allocation

'Realism is sometimes tough love,' says Pachter.

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freshslicepizza438d ago

1 million is not bad just for one holiday season, that's already 8% of the total WiiU and Vita sales.

Ashlen438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

Why are you using WiiU and Vita as your comparison... PS4 sold around 8 million between November and the end of January last year. So if PS4 Pro sells 25% of that PS4 Pro sold 2 million in that time last year.

freshslicepizza438d ago

"Why are you using WiiU and Vita as your comparison... "

To give a better idea of how the system compares since all you guys seem to care about is Playstation versus Xbox.

"PS4 sold around 8 million between November and the end of January last year. So if PS4 Pro sells 25% of that PS4 Pro sold 2 million in that time last year."

Nobody is claiming the PS4 is selling badly, calm down.

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Outside_ofthe_Box438d ago

Ashlen, it's actually 20% ( ) so it'd be 1.6 mil within that time frame.

Not sure if the X will reach 1 million in that time frame though, price and on top of that lack of must have exclusive software are holding its sales potential back.

uRaDecepticon438d ago

MS will more than likely make the same or more amount of money on sales of console as Sony does this holiday season.

neoandrew438d ago

Yeh ps4 pro 2 mils, but it was cheaper than x1x.

morganfell437d ago

"Why are you using WiiU and Vita as your comparison"

Some people will use any goal post, no matter how many times they have to move it, regardless of how close or ridiculous if they can kick a field goal and then brag about scoring.

Smokingunz437d ago

U wish it did, ps4pro is garbage that's why it didn't sell

TheUndertaker85437d ago
"Jun 05, 2017"

@Outside_ofthe_Box: The source to your source as indicated.

That date is June 5th, 2017. Not the end of January and definitely not within two months of Pro launch.

jasonpugh437d ago

Pro was a waste of money out of all consoles. I really feel sorry for the folks who purchased their VR and the Pro. They got it the worst.

Outside_ofthe_Box437d ago

Undertaker, what was the amount or percentage sold during the holidays then? 20% was the only indicator given if I'm recalling correctly. I'm just assuming that the percentage was more or less consistent during the holidays. We don't know the exact numbers.

TheUndertaker85437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

@Outside_ofthe_Box: That was part of the point that was left unsaid.

Nobody except for Sony knows exactly how many Pro units have been sold. Even a lot of Sony employees likely wouldn't be in the loop when it comes to a flat out number.

This is due to Sony bulking PS4 & PS4 Pro numbers together, even on their own financial reports.

It also goes to show that individuals here spitting out "numbers" don't factually know the numbers either nor a direct timeframe for those numbers. Some say it was by the end of the year, some say the end of January, some say the end of their quarter, and some even later.

Here's the bottom line. If PS4 sold ten million units from November 2016 to June 2017 and one in five is accurate that accounts for two million PS4 Pro units being sold in that over six month timeframe. Even if PS4 managed twenty million in that timeframe that'd give Pro four million units again, in an over six month timeframe.

Twenty million PS4 units were not sold in that timeframe. That's being generous to say the least. If all of that is followed ten million sold overall would leave Pro selling roughly 333,334 units a month on average since launch. Twenty million would result in 666,667 units a month on average. We also know that is not the case as Pro launch would've been higher seeing as it was a new product launched just in time for the holidays where it would also gain the most sales out of the timeframe.

nitus10437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Actually, the percentage PS4pro to PS4 ratio was 20% (ie 1 in 5) so taking the 8 million PS4's sold over last years holiday season then the PS4pro sold about 1.6 million which is still a good sell for a mid generation console.

Edit. That will teach me to read a thread before commenting. "Outside_ofthe_Box" beat me to the comment. 😉

Mulando437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Well xbox one x costs more, so no they won't reach PS4 Pro numbers. Also MS won't produce so many units so the demand is there even after the holidays.
1m Xbox one x consoles sounds right for a "mid-cycle console upgrade launch".

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Miss_Weeboo438d ago

Wii U and Vita are not good examples of success

DaFeelz437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

That was probably the point. It was a clever stealth dig. It's like comparing it to the Virtual Boy or Jaguar

jerm666438d ago

PS4 has no rival...period.

Prince_TFK437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Except for the Switch.

LastCenturyRob437d ago

Switch...and looks like the X will be giving it some competition. So, yeah, it does have some.

DarkZane437d ago


No, the Switch really is the PS4's only competition. Xbox just doesn't matter anymore.

MegamanXXX438d ago

With no new AAA exclusives this holiday. I doubt it

Deep-throat438d ago

Bro PUBG is a big one. Although the game isn't fully released yet, it's much more relevant than many exclusives (bombas like Gravity Rush 2) released this year. Almost sold 9 million copies on Steam. It's big for console-only players.

MegamanXXX438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

PUBG is a timed exclusive. Not to mention I have that game (early access on steam) on PC and it's not that great imo it's overrated.

Ashlen438d ago

Why would you compare it to Gravity Rush 2? (GR2 is a great game btw) How about comparing it to Uncharted 4 or Horizon.

Plus everyone knows it's coming to PS4.

Dark_Knightmare2438d ago

It's big on pc no one knows if that will be the case on consoles especially since history as shown that plenty of times success on pc doesn't translate to console.

Miss_Weeboo438d ago

PUBG is a terrible, terrible! acronym

OffRoadKing438d ago

xbox fanboys still pretending PUBG is exclusive. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess.

uRaDecepticon438d ago

In Megamans world 8 million people equates to one of him, lol.

jerm666438d ago

What's that stand for..Pretty Ugly Big Girl?

Big_Game_Hunters438d ago

No PS4 exclusive from any year is as relevant as PUBG.

Elda438d ago

Imo PUBG looks underwhelming & uninteresting.

TejasTV438d ago

PUBG will not be good on console. Just to clear things up, I mean any console.

343_Guilty_Spark438d ago

You're going to be waiting a long time to play PUBG on PS4.

Deep-throat437d ago

@Ashlen Bro Uncharted 4 released in 2016. I'm pretty sure PUBG sold copies more than Horizon ZD + Gravity Rush 2 + Yakuza 0 + Persona 5 and more!

nitus10437d ago

Grand Theft Auto V is bringing out a "Battle Royal" addition and if that comes out before PUBG is released on the PS4 then the game may be competing against it and the likes of Destiny 2 (6th September 2017), Battlefront 2 (17th November 2017) not to mention COD WW2 (3rd November 2017), as well as Overwatch (last year).

BeOpenMinded437d ago

I'm looking to buy it and get my money's worth. I'm in that space where console is my pick and love early access, conan is certainly worth the $35 or whatever it was also

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freshslicepizza438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

"With no new AAA exclusives this holiday. I doubt it"

PUBG is kind of a big deal, so is Forza 7. Can you provide all those stellar AAA exclusives during the holidays the PS4 and WiiU had for the last 3 years?

@MegamanXXX5m ago
"PUBG is a timed exclusive. Not to mention I have that game on PC and it's not that great imo it's overrated."

No confirmation yet on any other console and it is approaching 1 million concurrent users on Steam, what game on any console compares to that?

MegamanXXX438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

Don't really care for the game but to answer your question I'm sure it will be on the PS4 just because of the install base and it should make more profit than the Xbox one just because of the user base. Developers need money. Don't act like it's an Xbox exclusive it's a console launch time exclusive. Forza 7 is not a system seller even though it's a great game. XBOX needs a new system seller. Check out the UPDATE news on PUBG lmao. Here you go Moldy

Nyxus438d ago

Of course it's coming to PS4. Look at the way they're talking about it when asked about its exclusivity, they're jumping through hoops to avoid giving a clear, direct answer. It's a 'console launch exclusive'.

shiva1438d ago

@ Megaman

Why should it be on ps4. I keep hearing from you specifically that almost all the gamers have a ps4 and PC. And if not PC then you kept suggesting to build one than buying xbox as all xbox games are now available on PC and the best version is on PC. So why should PUBG be on pro as its the weakest available hardware for this game.

And before you say that im retarted.... I know the story of exclusivity. So it will come when it comes to PS club. May be 3 months or 6 or may be a year later or may be after 2 yrs which is not the point anyway.

OffRoadKing438d ago

PUBG was already kind of a big deal before Microsoft ever touched it. Forza is more of the exact same. PUBG will be on PS4, why dont you pack it in and give up on your holy crusade. Either that or see if you can get Microsoft to start paying you for all your hard work.

SCW1982438d ago

Confirmation from the makers at E3 actually saying THIS YEAR it was Xbox exclusive.

trooper_438d ago

Is someone going to buy an XB1 exclusively for that game?


I'll wait.

gbsrnctaln438d ago

Here's the deal....PS hase had exclusive building up all year. If you're not on ps already, you have all of those exclisives for the system or....PUBG and Forza 7 yaaaaawn.

WeAreLegion438d ago


It's "retarded" and that doesn't help your case.

alb1899438d ago

Batlegrounds is coming to PS4 but we are talking here about the holiday season.. batlegrounds coming this holiday season to ps4?

WePlayDirty437d ago

PUBG? I guess the casual viewers on twitch stream who watch PubG can now ask their mom’s to buy them an xbox one x .


Everyone keeps saying its coming to PS4 ( PUBG that is ), but all I've seen is how most of you on PS don't care about it anyway, saying its overrated and not that great, but you know damn well that if/when it does come to PS it will be the most talked about game and how much you love it then.

BeOpenMinded437d ago

I want the games coming out next year too. Thieves, decay 2, ashen and crackdown are on my watch list

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Dragonscale438d ago

That 500 bux pricetag won't help either.

343_Guilty_Spark438d ago

Except most sales come from
Multiplatform sales, but I know you have to keep with your exclusives narrative. You really should consider new material. You're quite boring.

Ashlen437d ago

Yea except multi-platforms are on both consoles and PC. Exclusives sell consoles.

343_Guilty_Spark437d ago


Big time Multiplats still on average outperform exclusives even when considering individual sales on a specific platform.

Grievous438d ago

Well if you don't have to spend money on games you can easily buy a new console.

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Miss_Weeboo438d ago

Not good but not that bad either. Peace V

Prubar438d ago

I'll be on of those one million. Hopefully the system does well.

slavish0438d ago

Same. I hope i can find one

jerm666438d ago

I hope people can find games to play on the 500$ "thing". pfft

EmperorDalek437d ago

Yep, we'll all have over 100 upgraded games to choose from on day 1.

Deep-throat437d ago

Sony fans care so much about you Xbox fans!