5 "Bad" Video Games that Are Strangely Enjoyable

Technically, none of these games were particularly flash and they all received negative critical reception, but they had an x-factor that made them hard to put down.

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NordicRainy443d ago

Deadly Premonition is especially enjoyable if you're a fan of Twin Peaks.
But unlike the author of this article, for anyone who hasn't played it yet, I recommend the 360 version. It's much clunkier to play yes, but overall I think it's the better version. The Directors cut messes with the colors a bit, and the frame rate is more stable. Just stay away from the PC port. Very buggy, and in a lot of cases just unbeatable.

Servbot41443d ago

I think I'm the only person who thought Deadly Premonitions combat was perfectly fine. The only thing I'd consider "bad" is the graphics.

Hotabang442d ago

Chainsaw wasn't bad at all :/