Resident Evil 2 VR remake will haunt your dreams forever

There are videogames that have managed to change the the entertainment industry forever and for sure the Resident Evil franchise is one them! Today's viral news will make you shiver under your skin as Resident Evil 2 VR is coming gamers!

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naruga99d ago

i hope is not the canon Remake we expect from Capcom

GamesMaster198299d ago

Me neither. Ill be so pissed if so.

CrimsonWing6998d ago

Please tell me you actually read the article before you commented...

naruga98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

@above i forgot the /s at the end ..dum&as* ....i thought you could understand the irony and humor behind it , after the release of the pathetic RE7

GamesMaster198298d ago

All i'm trying to say is i hope the new Remake is not going down this route. Because no one has seen or heard any news about how the Remake will be. I personally hope they go the route of Resi 1 Remake and Resi 0 Remake.

BLizardXD98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

naruga -"i hope is not the canon Remake we expect from Capcom"

....Capcom already Recreated Re2 into a first person shooter.

KwietStorm98d ago

He's referring to the remake that they're currently working on, not the entirely different game that you linked.

Tech598d ago (Edited 98d ago )

found this old article from IGN for Darkside Chronicles
"The term "Darkside" refers to the series' horror roots. What started out as survival horror is now a straight action game in Resident Evil 5. The Darkside Chronicles is set during the events of Resident Evil 2, when the series' survival horror mechanics really hit its stride. The title is meant to convey that sense of the macabre.

Players will revisit the significant events of Resident Evil 2, but they'll have to blast through new areas, as well."

so that counts as a remake. This will be their second attempt to remaking the game again. don't forget remake also means - "to make (something) again or DIFFERENTLY." http://www.letmegooglethat....

Tech598d ago (Edited 98d ago )

anything is possible from the capcom remake.

LgbtWarrior98d ago

Try reading the article first.

CorndogBurglar98d ago

Come on, man. Read the article. Then you won't have to hope.

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Thetruebluebomber 98d ago

It's a fan remake. Not the Capcom remake. For those who won't read the article.

Genkins98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

"It's a fan remake. Not the Capcom remake."
is that supposed to make everyone happy?

Dark_Knightmare298d ago

Yeah because it doesn't affect anyone that doesn't have vr while people who want the official remake from capcom with no vr will still get it

Tech598d ago (Edited 98d ago )

There's no telling what the remake will be like from capcom. The literal definition for remake means - "to make (something) again or differently." so similar to the FFVII remake the RE2 remake can have gameplay changes as well.

DevilOgreFish98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

@ above. Right
"Remake" = Remade from scratch, also allows creation freedom.
"Re-Creation" = Created from scratch to be close to original as possible.
"Remaster" = Original enhanced.
"Replica" = 100% duplicate.

usually 90% of die hard fans go for "Re-Creation".

Travis370898d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Dam for a min I thought this was the real thing from Capcom. I'm waiting day by day for news on Resident Evil 2. I hope it's at PSX event in Dec or at E3 2018

PhoenixUp98d ago

When is that RE2 remake coming

Tsar4ever0198d ago

Not impressed, You can't even WALK AROUND. I just want to see how the real RE2 remake will be like, old school fixed cam, or RE4-to RE6 3rd person?