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Saints Row 2 - New HD Gameplay video

Video shows first 25 minutes of Saints Row 2 with cut scenes, customization and gameplay (PS3, Saints Row 2, Xbox 360)

peowpeow  +   2422d ago
Oooo me interested, someone say how it plays and looks, im currently capped
I really don't know what to think of this game
GTA Killer?
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TheXgamerLive  +   2421d ago
Well, the game play's even more incredible than this 25 min. video show's, it's hella fun.
I've seen almost the entire game play on 360, there's several reviewers playing it live online since last wednesday.

It's definately a day one purchase.

GTA killer? It's a different game than GTA is, and a better one in my opinion, this one just really gives you almost unlimited options in many many categories, be it gameplay, missions or just raising hell and having fun. GTA is one the more serious side compoared to SR2. Both have there strengths and reasons why you'd fav them, it's your choice.
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dro  +   2421d ago
im so getting this game, i dont care if it dose not sell as much as gta4,after all gta4 did not deserve the sales it got. i hope gta5 will add all the things that were in gta3 if not gta4 will be the last gta game i will by/play...
peowpeow  +   2421d ago
Thanks for that XGamer, tempted for 1st day buy
BigPappaPump  +   2421d ago
I'm a fan of the series and I'm going to get it.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   2421d ago
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1ben2  +   2421d ago
its not on par with GTA IV graphic wise, BUT for content and fun factor, it seems to be way ahead.
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Toolster  +   2421d ago
Looks good, but the vid is taking ages to play! or is it just me?
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2421d ago
The person playing sucks and the video isn't in HD (High Definition), lol. As for the game it's very old school style of playing open world games like this. At least Grand Theft Auto (GTA) updated the game-play for the next generation. This isn't a GTA killer the density isn't as great as GTA, but I can be wrong. The video didn't go over the features.

There are problems with the game (Bioshock) too, I wonder if people are going to jump up and down over this? In the XBOX 360 version cars disappear, that means it's a flop, lol. Saints Row 2 (SR2) looks decent, but the core game-play doesn't appeal to me.
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Premonition  +   2421d ago
To tell you the truth even though this game hasnt been in the media much do to other "BIG" titles after just watching the first 14:25seconds onf the video, the game doesnt seem bad at all. I enjoyed the first one, even though the graphics werent bad its the gameplay that was fun, I mean right now to me theres more activity going on with people than in GTA IV, and after beating GTA IV theres really nothing much to do, no fights nothing, in Saints row since it deals with more gang related things, there will be more random action going on in this game and thats what I loved about the first one, for example the out of no where drive by shootings and gang fights. I might get this game next week.
LONEWOLF231  +   2421d ago
damn man i cant wait for this game!
Norad6  +   2421d ago
"Anyone hit and need a lawyer?" LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
strotee  +   2421d ago
This game seems like a lot of fun, but not worth $60. I'll wait til it's $30-40.
Premonition  +   2421d ago
you can try to gamefly it and if you like it buy it for around 44 bucks
Johnny_Cojones  +   2421d ago
Looks pretty fun.
I already had it preordered, & now I'm reassured it was a good decision.

All I wanted was more Saint's Row, & it looks like it delivers in spades.
silvacrest  +   2421d ago
This was always
a day one purchase for me

The naysayers kept comparing it to GTA (instead of looking at it independently or comparing it to the original)

They kept righting it off before even one review came out or because of their bias towards GTA

but now that more and more info is coming out and better quality vids are appearing they've suddenly swung
Kenny G  +   2421d ago
coop throughout the whole story is enough for me. i can have the fun i wanted in the story that i didn't have in gta 4. hangman's noose was a cop out. they needed to include coop in whole story. 3 leaf clover was perfect coop opportunity
ramiuk1  +   2420d ago
worst player in the world
god how shiite is the guy playing it,talk about not having a clue,i had to stop watching when he crashed the van,so fuking crap,its not liek its hard to play

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