Saints Row 2 - New HD Gameplay video

Video shows first 25 minutes of Saints Row 2 with cut scenes, customization and gameplay

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peowpeow3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Oooo me interested, someone say how it plays and looks, im currently capped
I really don't know what to think of this game
GTA Killer?

TheXgamerLive3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I've seen almost the entire game play on 360, there's several reviewers playing it live online since last wednesday.

It's definately a day one purchase.

GTA killer? It's a different game than GTA is, and a better one in my opinion, this one just really gives you almost unlimited options in many many categories, be it gameplay, missions or just raising hell and having fun. GTA is one the more serious side compoared to SR2. Both have there strengths and reasons why you'd fav them, it's your choice.

dro3185d ago

im so getting this game, i dont care if it dose not sell as much as gta4,after all gta4 did not deserve the sales it got. i hope gta5 will add all the things that were in gta3 if not gta4 will be the last gta game i will by/play...

peowpeow3185d ago

Thanks for that XGamer, tempted for 1st day buy

BigPappaPump3185d ago

I'm a fan of the series and I'm going to get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.