How I'd Fix Xbox's First-Party Problem

One IGN editor's semi-realistic proposal to re-energize the Xbox portfolio.

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WePlayDirty387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

For those who don't want to read the article.
1. Fable Reboot, have Rare develop it.
2. Make First-Person ShadowRun RPG.
3. Bring back Crimson Skies.
4. Alan Wake 2.
5. Make Ninja Gaiden spiritual successor exclusive to Xbox.
6. SplinterCell Chaos 2... timed exclusive..
7. Bring back Xbox Live arcade.

All great ideas, especially the Fable reboot.

My ideas:
1. Scalebound needs to come back.
2. Rare needs to make another full fledged AAA Conker game.
3. Split up 343 and The Coalition to make new side project IP's that are exclusively single player for the first game. The second game can have MP.
4. Bring back Fable, but DONT make it a service based game. Make it a hardcore, mature RPG game.
5. Have Insomniac make JetSetRadio Future 2.

ShottyatLaw387d ago

Nice list(s). I'd throw out:

1. Put Insomniac on Conker. They're probably all tied up on Spiderman though.
2. Farm out Battletoads to Yacht Club. Go old school with it.
3. I would split 343 and Coalition into two teams too, but let them do what they do best. I'd like to see 343 actually do a Modern Warfare-esque shooter. Halos gun skill + a realistic setting might do well.
4. Put Wargaming onto Mech assault.
5. Rare Kart Racer.

JaguarEvolved387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

You fanatical fanboys are such dreamers because you'll support rubbish despite Microsoft not doing one single thing from your dreams. I like Xbox from the past which was amazing in the first 4 years of the Xbox 360 generation except for rrod. Microsoft had a lot of exclusive games with an amazing online presence. Xbox now is rubbish and way below the low points of the Xbox 360 generation but there are silly fanatics that will continue to lie about amazing support on Xbox and talk about their dreams of what they'd like to happen. The truth is that Xbox hasn't any exclusives and there won't be any because they'll all be on pc and other gaming platforms

ShottyatLaw387d ago

Yeah... Everyone else is the fanatics....

Calm down, kid. You are going to hurt yourself. The topic is things Ryan M. would do fix the 1st party issue. We're just adding to the discussion.

If it gets you this triggered, maybe you've had enough internet today.

WePlayDirty387d ago

Jag. I'm not a fanboy. Get your facts straight

Sunny_D386d ago

Damn Jaguar, who pissed in your cereal today?

AngelicIceDiamond386d ago

Interesting never knew adding to the discussion of one of MS biggest problems ever is "fanaticism" @Evolved You need a life like pronto.

denawayne386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Definitely need Mech Assault
How about Perfect Dark?

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zekk386d ago

Crimson skies would be cool but FASA went out of business so I don't know who actually holds the license to that IP. Also the mech assault (battletech and mech warrior) license I think is owned by a couple different groups now so that might be complicated

Rude-ro386d ago

Microsoft owns the ip... none of developers are around anymore.

Rude-ro386d ago

Just because of the uneducated, I have to post a link

MegamanXXX386d ago

If Ninja Gaiden was an Xbox exclusive it wouldn't make enough profit

MegamanXXX386d ago

One of the reasons Team Ninja went multiplatform with the game

bluefox755386d ago

I agree, it may have worked in the early 360 years, but times have changed.

Yohshida386d ago

lost me right at "new side project IP's that are exclusively single player". I play Xbox for MP games and to have fun with friends, not to sit in a corner and play with myself

TheColbertinator386d ago


Your MP games you can keep. I play my SP games,everybody is happy and everyone wins.

Dragonscale386d ago

I like both. Choices is good.

bluefox755386d ago

Yeah, screw variety. Offering people choices is a terrible idea.

LandoCalrissiano386d ago

If rare made fable they'd have to do it perfect in the same style as fable. Don't want fable that looks and feels completely different, it needs to be fable using the same engines (or updated of the same engine), can't be using havoc and switching to something else. On the flip side id have to begrudgingly agree that a new fable is better than no fable.

Rude-ro386d ago

I love how ign list third party games as a way to fix their first party problems....

Why o why386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Was going to say crimson skies. . . . it's already there

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Sciurus_vulgaris387d ago

1. Give all first party studios creative freedom.

-Allow 343i's B team to work on non-Halo titles
-A Perfect Dark reboot maybe a good title for this studio, if it were 1st Person.

-Enlarge The Coalition, and have a second team work on non-Gears games.

-HaveTurn 10 not do Forza Motorsport, over-and-over again. Maybe another vehicle-based game instead.

2. Establish one or two new studios. Maybe have these new studios work on "the classic IPs " that Spencer likes to tease.

3. Stop releasing Forza games annually. Forza Horizon 3 is still selling well, a new Forza game will just cannibalize its sales. Eventually you will burnout the franchise, and a new release will crash.

4. Bring back Fable under a new MS studio, or outsourced would be good for PR.

5. Rather than paying indie studios for timed console launch exclusives, outsource MS owned IPs to AAA studios.

6. Make more long term 2nd party partnerships.

7. Don't make every game Windows10/XB1.

ShottyatLaw387d ago

It baffles me that they don't put T10 onto something akin to Project Gotham. Seems like a no-brainer.

Sciurus_vulgaris387d ago

Microsoft seems to ignore fan requested games. People want a new Conker, or Banjo, MS instead helps fund Super Lucky's Tale an ip they don't own.

Godmars290386d ago

MS seems to favor online, social-minded over anything single player story driven. Never gave such a chance despite things like KOTOR or Mass Effect.

Deep-throat386d ago

"7. Don't make every game Windows10/XB1"
Why? To make you feel good about your console purchase? Microsoft is releasing their games on their ecosystem as they tried to ten years ago.

TheColbertinator386d ago

Don't mention that. GfWL was a spectacular failure and rightly so.

bluefox755386d ago

It failed back then, and it's failing now, to a slightly lesser degree.

majedx9386d ago

Don't make every game Windows10/XB1.😑 no let them do

Sciurus_vulgaris386d ago

It would be a situational thing, some devs might not handle pc/XB1 development well.Quantum Breaks' PC launch was likely rocky, due to the PC version being made late in development.

Apocalypse Shadow387d ago

Microsoft's problem is themselves and lack of investment in the console area. So, the only way to fix it is to bring back figures like Fries or Bach who actually did something for Xbox by getting games for the platform. That's by creating studios.

Seriously, we know they're capable of creating games like we used to see on PC. But what have they really brought to the table LATELY on consoles?

They didn't create Halo. They bought it. They didn't create Gears. They bought it. They didn't create Minecraft. They bought it. They didn't create Conker. They bought it.

They borrowed games like Splinter Cell from Ubisoft, Ninja Gaiden from Tecmo, Alan Wake and Quantum Break from Remedy and pushed many third party games through promotion as their exclusive titles. Now most of these games aren't made or developers have gone multiplatform because of Microsoft. And they are borrowing Cuphead and Ori as if it's their own.

They bought Lionhead and had Fable. Then killed it. They borrowed Scale Bound from Platinum Games. Then killed it. And they let past games like Brute Force, Flight Simulator, Crimson Skies, Mech Assault, etc just sit around doing nothing for them.

The only title that Microsoft has is Forza and it's spin off. That's why you see so much of it. Which is only created to compete with Sony's flagship title Gran Turismo. Which is Sony's biggest franchise. Difference is, Sony doesn't rely on GT. And the companies they bought create new IPs every generation and don't sit on just one. Look at Sony's studios and you will see that they didn't buy franchises. They bought studios or created them. And those studios created new IPs.

Want to fix Microsoft's problem? They should create more studios that produce more games. They want to be the market leader but don't put in the work. So they don't deserve it.

freshslicepizza387d ago

"That's why you see so much of it. Which is only created to compete with Sony's flagship title Gran Turismo. Which is Sony's biggest franchise. Difference is, Sony doesn't rely on GT."

This article isn't about Sony, and GT may sell a lot but it certainly isn't it's flagship title any longer, it hasn't been since GT3. I do agree that Microsoft does need to cultivate within more and invest more into their own internal game studios.

LP-Eleven386d ago

Gran Turismo is the premier Driving Simulator on consoles and Sony's flagship IP. Nothing wrong with what he said, in that regard.

OT: Microsoft's in-house IPs just need an increase in quantity. What they provide is of much quality, there's just not enough of it. Once they step things up on that end, they'll be in better shape.

WePlayDirty386d ago

Gt is still Sony’s flagship IP. 3 and 4 were both REALLY good. The only one people consider to be less than average is 6, which still sold really well at the end of its console generation.

Apocalypse Shadow387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

I would also bring back Blackley and Allard.

Problem moldy is Microsoft. It's no coincidence that all these companies that were there with Microsoft during the Xbox 360 era have walked away. Bioware, Bungie,Mystwalker, Tecmo, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Crytek, Remedy, Insomniac, Platinum Games, Valve, etc. That's not my opinion. That's just factual information.

Either the checks stopped being mailed or there's something at Microsoft that makes companies walk away. At the beginning of this gen all the talk was about Ryse and Crytek. Somehow becoming financially strapped, they walked away from Microsoft.

Then recently, Remedy, one of Microsoft's biggest supporters, didn't do well with Microsoft and announced being multiplatform. Insomniac left Sony because they wanted to own their IPs which is understandable. But went back to Sony and are making Spiderman. Don't shoot the messenger. Listen to the message.

Sony dealt with companies going multiplatform last gen because the recession was killing companies. That why a lot of them merged (Square/Enix, Tecmo/Koei, Namco/Bandai etc) or allowed themselves to be bought(Bioware,Dice,etc) Sony doubled down and not only finished last gen with strong titles, they are Steam rolling this gen with Uncharted,Horizon,Last Guardian, Infamous, Bloodborne, etc. Microsoft's response to this gen? Xbox live as a service. Response to Zelda and Horizon? Games as a service. Lack of first party titles? Games as a service.

Instead of building studios to fix the problem. They would rather be the guy in the background pulling strings and raking in all the cash.... IT DOESN'T WORK.

TheColbertinator386d ago

Well said actually.

Sony can rot and die but MS should take a couple of tips from them.

Godmars290386d ago

"Seriously, we know they're capable of creating games like we used to see on PC."

What games did they honestly make for PC? Only flight Simulator comes to mind.

They're doing what they've always done, relied on 3rd parties for creativity, only because online sub money is a thing they've - fatally - let that influence all the choices they've made regarding console gaming.

freshslicepizza386d ago

You must have missed the announcement for Age of Empires IV, probably too busy unloading your baggage of why you don't like Microsoft into every topic.

PhoenixUp387d ago

How is it that Microsoft reported in May 2013 that they invested $1 billion on exclusive Xbox One games, yet more than four years later they still come up short in that department?

Tankbusta40386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

Plenty of athletes invest tens even hundreds of millions in bad investments or trust their money to shady actors only to come up bankrupt years later. Its not how much money you spend, its what you invest it on! Its one reason why I think Phil and the entire brass at Xbox has to go.

MasterCornholio386d ago

Those secret exclusives are still coming.

Lexreborn2386d ago

Maybe it depends on how MS define exclusive. The word seems to be looser and looser every year with them.

goken386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

and when did we start taking ms's statements on Xbox without ladels of salt?

if you were to take what ms says seriously, the Xbox one x is completely pointless. if u recall, ms claimed that the Cloud makes xbo four times more powerful (yeah right)... well is one x 4 times more powerful than the OG?
so much for the beast right?



Probably spent on advertising for timed exclusives.

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Papafynn386d ago

Minds and talent at a studio makes games not studio's name. The Rare of old is dead & the talent scarttered. Attaching a big name franchise to the present Rare with the hope they produce the magic of Rare of old may well be mistake.

Leave Rare alone, let them do what the current talent are comfortable with, just like their doing right now. Please don't burden them with someone else's dream.

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