Bungie is Bringing Destiny 2 to PC in the Dumbest Way Possible

Bungie’s decision not to support cross-saving is very dumb. It’s one that forces a difficult problem onto their biggest and oldest fans, undermines the value of the persistent world they’ve created, and trivializes the hundreds of hours players invest in forging a Guardian they hope to be truly proud of for years to come.

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freshslicepizza463d ago

Bungie/Activision both highlight what's wrong with the gaming industry today.

- content being held back in favor of DLC to be sold
- lack of dedicated servers
- console versions getting the most advertising, earlier release date and exclusive deals
- the first game not released on PC in favor of milking last generation sales

I did pre-order the game, it still looks great and after playing the beta I am happy to say the PC version is coming along nicely. But it's hilarious to see publishers market consoles ahead of the PC and try to sway gamers towards the most popular platform with exclusive content even though the best version will be the PC. It's the same thing as Apple getting a deal with a music artists and having CD enthusiasts who like uncompressed audio to be treated less than the more popular compressed files.

Goldby463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

Sorry to say moldy, but there is alot more money to be made by companies developing for consoles over PC. that is why there is more advertisment and marketing on console side of games.

its not wrong in any way, just the reality of our industry.

would you really want more advertisement and marketing for the smaller demographic over the larger one?

fluffydelusions463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

"Sorry to say moldy, but there is alot more money to be made by companies developing for consoles over PC"

Yeah it's not like PUBG is the best selling game this year on any platform...

Goldby463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

That has nothing to do with what I was saying.

And that's 1 game out of how many that are available for pc.

The reason that console games are getting more advertisements is because of the money Sony, Ms and Nintendo are investing in them.

you want more adverts for PC gaming, talk to Nvidia about publishing games.

fluffydelusions463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

"And that's 1 game out of hoe many that are available for pc."

OK League of Legends...there is another one. I can keep going at all the IPs that make bank on PC that any publisher wish they had.

D3TH_D33LR463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

Exactly. Pc is a smaller demographic, whether it's growing, bigger than its ever been or the best platform. It's simply not the most adopted and that's obviously where game publishers are going to go. It's not wrong or dirty business just because it's not tailored to you, moldy. That's called entitled whining.

bluefox755463d ago

@Fluffy Yes, there are a handful of highly successful PC games, but how long do those come along? We get a handful of successful games every year for consoles, and maybe 1 game every few years on PC. It sucks, because I wish I had more stuff that was geared specifically for PC, but that's just not the reality of it. You said "I could keep going on all the IPs that make bank on PC" Well go ahead? You named 2, there is what else? Hearthstone? CS:GO? WoW? Sims? What else? The kind of games that hit that level of success are rare, and most of the current ones are several years old already. PUBG seems to be the latest, but I don't expect another for at least a few more years.

HyperMouse463d ago

Fluffy its only available on PC atm, and will be coming to Xbox as a timed exclusive, so after its on all platforms we can look at numbers

Vegamyster463d ago


Games get advertised for consoles more because of marketing deals done with Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo, PC is a open platform and Valve doesn't really need to invest in advertising because the Userbase is massive on Steam & expanding.

If Steamspy's numbers are accurate than most 3rd party games sell more on Steam rather than Xbox One aside from the odd one like Call of Duty or the ones we can't tell like Ubisoft games since Uplay is separate, and Nintendo's systems haven't had good 3rd party support for decades.

PC: 459k
Xbox: 160k

Dishonored 2
PC: 929k
Xbox One: 680k

Dark Souls III
PC: 1.96 million
Xone: 560k

that just leaves Sony who are the current juggernaut that lead the pack, PC is currently 2nd in sales without advertising.

InKnight7s463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

Sad but is it the truth.
Another example Andriod have biggest digital market because its cover alot of different companies(Sony, Samsung, LG, BB,etc) and different mobiles but only those who have Galaxy S, Sony Z and those famous picks will have proper support and their apps runs perfectly and but if you pick infamous mobile even with very premium specs you will suffer from being laggy and low performance.

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InTheZoneAC463d ago

pc may be better, but I refuse to game on it

InTheZoneAC463d ago

@suck, why would you think I don't have a job?

I hae no desire to game on my pc, which is more than capable of playing must be one of those people....

freshslicepizza463d ago

"pc may be better, but I refuse to game on it"

Well if you paid $60 per year for the luxury of being able to play people online i would feel obliged to get my money's worth too.

InTheZoneAC463d ago

@moldy, I chose to pay $50/$60 for ps+ well before it was mandatory...

HyperMouse463d ago

Agreed me too i have a PC that is more powerful than my XB1 but i just dont like PC gaming, which is something PC master race people dont get for some reason

S-Word463d ago

I know what you mean. Seriously, who would want to play games on PC anyway? All they have is better framerate, better graphics, free mods, and no additional online fee. I'd rather stick to console where I'm forced to pay $60 per year to play on their service, having to pay for mods through Bethesda's creation club, and playing at a lower framerate with worse graphics. The only regret I have is not being able to pay $100 or more per year to play online through PSN.

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thekhurg463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

The game does not host sessions on the client hardware in Destiny 2.

clouds5463d ago

If you pre-order such a game you sir are the problem.

KwietStorm463d ago

But GameStop gives you the kill counter on your Ghost! You telling me not to pay ahead for that brilliant feature?

Dark_Knightmare2463d ago

Can we please quit using that stupid bullshit excuse it's quite frankly dumb. People that are excited for a game are going to preorder regardless of what the very small minority on the internet with their napoleon complexes think not to mention the preorders are dwarfed by people who dont preorder and are still buying the game day one. It's a sequel to a game millions played and loved so of course tons are going to preorder and not everybody is a small minded sheep that needs anonymous strangers on the internet to make their decisions for them. I mean most people know what they like and are interested in so they spend their money on whatever that is and they don't worry about what the haters most who never even played said game say because most of the time they just want to fit in so they echo what other people say

kevnb463d ago

Meh, overwatch is targeted at pc and blizzard treats the console versions as secondary.

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joab777463d ago

They deny it but every decision from the launch date, to the X1X is being made B/C of partnership with Sony.

bluefox755463d ago

Evidence? Or just talking out your backside?

jamsam360463d ago

You can plainly see that, That is the case! Unlesss you are jaded!

Scatpants463d ago

They're not taping them to coconuts and dropping them on PCs from planes are they?

STK026463d ago

I still don't understand why there's no cross-save in Destiny 2. They most likely already have the data they need on the servers to enable it. Having cross-saving in Destiny would only help them sell the game twice or even three times to the same consumer. I for one would be willing to buy the PS4 version as well as the PC version if cross-save were to be enabled; I have the money necessary to justify buying it twice to play it early and with my friends on the PS4, but I don't have the time to grind through the game twice.

For a game that's already being milked as much as possible, with a season pass, possibly micro-transaction like the first one, the almost inevitable additional expansion after a year or so, the Rockstar codes, the pre-order bonuses and the overpriced Collector's Edition, you would think Activision and Bungie could have tried to double dip with cross-save, but nope.

yomfweeee463d ago

I don't ever really play the a game on PC and my console, so I guess I never realized this was such a common feature that makes this the dumbest thing possible. Or are gamers just being dramatic again?

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