Marvel's The Avengers Will Be a Online 3rd Person, Cover Based Game

Beyond Gaming had a chance to look at some job posts regarding the upcoming Avengers game and by the looks of it, the title will be online oriented, 3rd person and will use a cover based system.

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MegamanXXX169d ago

Not interested if it's only online oriented

Skull521169d ago

Sounds like a blast to me, count me in. You can have fun playing solitaire and Yahtzee.

Godmars290169d ago

Some of miss story-driven gaming. Is that so wrong?

CorndogBurglar169d ago

Yes. Becaus3 Solitaire a d Yahtzee are the only kinds of offline games there are......

Zerito169d ago

you could have stayed with "Sounds like a blast to me, count me in"

Jinger168d ago


There are plenty of story-driven games

jokerisalive168d ago

Plenty of OFFLINE SP games to enjoy instead of wasting money on crap like this that these companies feel obligated to push on the sheep. Take a look at all the great games SONY puts on their Playstation systems and they ALL have solid SP components so as an investment your not just throwing money away for the rights to play this type of shit. Most people like to know their money isnt going in the garbage once the servers stop supporting trash like this and other games that follow the same stupid route like Destiny as well.

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Cmv38169d ago


There have been plenty of solo story games on ps4 at least. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.

Godmars290169d ago

And they've all taken a dip in quality. Have become standardized.

I still haven't forgiven them for White Knight Chronicles - that PSO wannabe piece of shate...

Godmars290167d ago

People may disagree with me, yet in game storytelling has become more about staged presentation rather than interaction.

antz1104169d ago

Yeah....who would want to play a superhero game online with other people........ /s

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UCForce169d ago

Seriously ? Do we need another online game ?

iDadio169d ago

Does anything sound more generic than online third person cover game

The 10th Rider169d ago

What we really need is for Square to work with Platinum Games to make a sick Marvel action game. I'd be sold.

Frinker168d ago Show
Liqu1d169d ago

No thanks. I want a lengthy single player game with optional co-op at most. I don't want an Avengers game to be a GaaS game.

-Foxtrot169d ago

Online? Like only online or online focused?


Batman Arkham by Rocksteady didn't need online...just saying

Godmars290169d ago

You expect more from S/E when FF15 was pretty much an online title?

-Foxtrot169d ago

Well I mean considering the fact online is added to gather more don't need it when it's the f***** Avengers.

Godmars290169d ago

Thing is making or adding a multiplayer option was likely another layer of difficulty added to an already overly complicated produced game. With story suffering overall.

-Foxtrot169d ago

So basically if anything single player related's the multiplayers fault.

Godmars290169d ago

Unless added work to compensate for possible shortcomings is done. And we already know that didn't happen.

mafiahajeri169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

It could have had online, online done smart though not like origins.

If they had a bat mobile racing mode where you could customize your batmobile it would have been badass, go the extra mile and have a batmobile themed after the characters. We already saw the joker one in the story. So you choose your character and customize it cosmetically with mods that fit your characters aesthetic.

also a PVP tank twisted metal type mode would have been interesting.

Imagine driving around Gotham, fighting other players, trying to stay alive looking for a random health pick up. Could have been a game all on its own.

Missed opportunity by Rocksteady IMO. Considering how well the batmobile was designed. Not all MP is bad it's when you become generic that's bad. They would have been commended for how original the concept would be IMO. It also fits the lore so it makes sense.

Looking forward to this, hopefully it's good. Marvel did say they are being careful when they pick studios to work with. Apparent with insomniac and Spiderman so there's no reason to be pessimistic, before youve seen it.

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Nybz169d ago

Taking cover as a Super Hero sounds super fun... /s

jukins169d ago

Yes because every super hero just blindly goes into battle. . . .

Dark_Knightmare2169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Oh please that's exactly what happens. You rarely if ever read a comic book and see a superhero taking f**king cover like he's in a third person shooter

BlaqMagiq1169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Most superheroes don't take cover. That is for certain.

Daoshai169d ago

I saw the hulk take cover once. He then proceeded to throw it at the villian.

trooper_168d ago

Um, they wouldn't be superheroes if they didn't, lol.

Game sounds whack anyway. I'll pass.

jukins164d ago

Lol casual comic fans you guys obviously don't read and just want raw super power explosions lol

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