Call of Duty WWII Beta PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S Graphics Comparison

Call of Duty WWII Xbox One Beta is live so it’s time to directly compare both current gen versions of the game.
Judging on what we can see here it’s quite obvious that PS4 Pro gives an extra boost to the graphics of CoD WW2. For instance it has softer shadows, more crisp textures and smoother animation.
What do you guys think?

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Sonic_Vs_Mario321d ago

Looks the same lol. PlayStation 4 Pro just has higher resolution compared to Xbox One S.

nX320d ago

Save your lols, it looks much better on PS Pro if you turn on HDR - which this video can't replicate.

Darkxen117320d ago

Wait for xbox one x and then we talk!

Edvin1984320d ago Show
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DARK_WOLF320d ago

No because the x1x is the direct competitor to the pro.

Ps5 will be against xbox 4

Death320d ago


Why would comparing a next gen console with a current gen console be more fair? I would think comparing mid-gen upgrade to mid-gen upgrade would be more appropriate.

RDOUBLE320d ago

You can turn on hdr on Xbox one s too.

PistolsAtDawn320d ago

The X1s version has HDR too

nativegoku320d ago

HDR has been available on xbox one since sept 2016 smh

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gbsrnctaln320d ago

JUST higher resolution...welp thats what the Pro's about dummy. HDR will also make a huge difference.

kevnb320d ago

It's much higher resolution though, it makes a big difference.

Genuine-User320d ago

Resolution, do you see it?

Eonjay320d ago

they are very similar. If You can't tell the difference between this and the pro, then forget telling difference between the Pro and new Xbox x.


um yeah, higher resolution is usually what these upgrades offer, imagine how bad will be for MS if this kind of difference is the only thing the xbonex will offer.

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PCGamefan320d ago ShowReplies(2)
cyclindk320d ago

Why do both versions look so terrible?

I enter into evidence, exhibit A:

getbacktogaming320d ago

Nostalgia... Can't wait to get back to WWII COD.

gammaray13320d ago

looks and plays awesome on either console, thats all i care about


I'm not sure what the point is comparing the Pro to the One S. That's like having beef with the big brother but trying to fight the lil brother instead. Let's see how these comparisons go come Nov 7th...

Rude-ro320d ago

Well, the s was upgrade number 2 as well as the pro.
Like so many say about the pro... I wonder why Microsoft went so weak on the upgrade.

Death320d ago

The S is a slim console much like the PS4 slim that was introduced before the Pro. That would make the Pro the third console revision, not second like the S. Xbox One X takes that spot. This really isn't that hard to follow.

Rude-ro320d ago

So a hardware boost and new disc drive with 4k upscaling and hdmi 2.0 is like the PS4 slim? Does not sound like a form factor change to me... sounds like an upgrade. The slim offered nothing new and in fact, removed the optical input which is the opposite.
That is probably why Microsoft announced the x at around the same time... to drown out the fact that the s was their planned upgrade and got depantsed when the pro was shown off.

Vames320d ago

Are you crazy? The Xbox One S is just a revision of the Xbox One. Yes, the S is more powerful slightly than the Xbox One, but that is mainly due to the addition of HDR and 4K upscaling. All games will look the same, but some have slightly higher framerate on the S due to the boosted CPU.

Heck, the Xbox One S is still weaker than the original PS4, a clear sign Microsoft had no intention of this being an upgrade, just a refresh.

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