ReCore Original vs Definitive Edition Xbox One S Graphics Comparison

ReCore Definitive Editions has arrived as a free update for all who owns the original and as a part of Xbox Game Pass giving it to us with improved visuals and some of the bugs fixed. Let’s compare both versions running on Xbox One S and see what kind of graphical upgrade we can expect.

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Soulst0rmer348d ago

I'm watching this on my phone but I cannot tell the difference outside the def has darker colors

babadivad348d ago

At least the update to the "Definitive Edition" was free.

solderman348d ago

Your copy of ReCore is only definitive for as long as Microsoft keep offering the update on their service. Unless they release a new version on disc then no one really owns the Definitive Edition.

KilKarazy348d ago

You don't really own any game or movie on a disc. You own a license to use it.

Heavenly King348d ago

I think we might be able to see any difference if there was 4K quality in the options of the video.

LgbtWarrior348d ago

The hdr effect is very nice. Good update.