Aaron Greenberg Expects Xbox One X to Sell Out; Talks Being a "Hungry" Team and Samsung Partnership

If you want an Xbox One X at launch, you better pre-order, according to Aaron Greenberg, who gives more insight on what's coming.

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Ashlen103d ago

Aaron Greenberg: "Pretty please buy these things guys we're totally getting our butts kicked, we're desperate here."

Sitdown103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Ashlen: "Pretty please blindly agree with my comments, and don't consider that the gaming industry is big enough for multiple companies to make money."

DialgaMarine103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

I think you're mistaken here, bud. Besides the most hardcore fanboys, nobody wants to see Xbox not be successful. We're just sick of MS thinking they're somehow entitled to gamers being diehard fans of their consoles, without any real reason for doing so. If this year hasn't proven that MS has NOT learned their lesson from 2013, then I don't know what else to tell you bud.

Sitdown103d ago

Perhaps you should reread both posts, because you will see that you are sadly mistaken. Having potentially the best console for multiplatforms is a real reason for some...... your entitled comment makes little to no sense.

CoinOrc103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

"Real reason" for some. Not enough reason for most people.

343_Guilty_Spark103d ago


What the hell are you even talking about?

I'm pretty sure you're only argument against Xbox right now is you don't like the exclusives. That's fair. Some like them, some don't, some don't care.

But what else do you have?

They integrated new gaming centric features like Cross Buy, Cross Play, PlayAnywhere, Mixer, improved Game DVR, Arenas, and system level LFAG, and cross platform play. Many of those Sony doesn't have.

The frankly overdelivered on Xbox One X and not only is it the most powerful console you can still use all the same Xbox accessories, it plays over 400 360 titles, all Xbox One titles with over 100+ enhanced. It has system level suspersampling, and they kept the HDMI in plus the 4k blu-ray player.

They have added Xbox game pass for all the casual gamers and have a fairly large library for a fair price.

Oh and original Xbox games are coming.

So let me ask again...what are you complaining about. If it's exclusives create a petition or go to Xbox user voice so you can be heard but stop using the same arguments from 2013. They are not the same.

InTheZoneAC103d ago


so where does xb fit in all this again?

No Way103d ago

@343 - I know you've been here long enough. There is no point in trying to use facts or argue with fanboys. Read their comments or don't. But, replying is futile. It does no good, just move on. Better to just read the news and play the games you enjoy - rather that's on Xbox or PS; gasp, or both. Like I do, *eye roll.*

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thexmanone103d ago

Ashlen : "Pretty please don't flag me for trolling, i'am only 12 and don't know any better."

DragonDDark103d ago

Most of the people here don't even care about being flagged. You will probably get flagged too. Me too lol

badz149103d ago

Greenberg is hungry? colour me surprise...NOT!

JackBNimble103d ago

Greenberg is not just hungry , he and Xbox division are starving .

trumpwonstopcrying103d ago

It will definitely sell out. It's not like there will be a ton of these at launch. The demand is high enough to move 500k to 1 million units. The problem for them is long term sales

JackBNimble103d ago

Ya , I highly doubt that MS would have over produced the 1x. Seems more likely to manufacture just enough to sell out and see how the industry and consumer's react . At this stage of them gen it would be a mistake to gamble .

GamingIVfun102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

We will never know how well it sells because they won't give sales numbers. Seems kinda douchey to brag about potential sales and then not give solid numbers but isn't that how the whole Xbox Division operated. Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.

trumpwonstopcrying102d ago

even if they don't give sales numbers...the way to tell will be those days you go to the gamestop, best buy, walmart etc...and they're just sitting on the shelves.

LastCenturyRob103d ago

Oh, look a troll......yawn..... Does your daddy know you use his computer without his permission?

Pantz102d ago

The first round already sold out. The second round will sell out too. It's obvious that Xbox is back.

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XiNatsuDragnel103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Aaron Greenburg : Please give us a dollar
Us: Back off back off.

Sorry Aaron your underwear is ahowing and its not funny anymore.

Deep-throat103d ago

They're not targeting Sony apologists though. They want sane console gamers.

Unspoken103d ago Show
AmUnRa103d ago

Thats not called for, flaged you for inappropriate...

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InKnight7s103d ago

Aaron Greenberg
The one who said that Xbox One have alot of exclusives, isn't he?

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