The Call of Duty WWII Beta Delivers a Familiar Blast From the Past

Another year, another Call of Duty, and this year developer Sledgehammer Games are taking their triennial swing at the shooter that will not die.

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Zero_Suit_Samus350d ago

“The Call of Duty WWII Beta Delivers a Familiar Blast From the Past”

Really? Bad map designs, over powered shotguns, and quick scoping galore.

Don’t get me wrong I wanted boots on the ground but something just feels off big time.

Killlacrusade350d ago

Bad map design+
Quick scoping garbage+
Shotguns overpowered ? Don't entirely agree with that, They're Incredibly Inconsistent, Incendiary ammunition make It worst because what should be-a Instant kill In melee range, If you've got said ammo applied the game wants'em to burn Instead of die Instantly so they're alive for like 1+ seconds, which Is enough for the burn to kill them & for you to die by their retribution.

Also division locking away perks that I'd like to use, but they've bundled them together with unnecessary traits that don't benefit X/Y class.

Dedicated servers, Season Pass -_- Lets be clear, the current 3 maps excluding warmode map, cluttered hellhole, I've never really had-a beta where I've disliked all the maps :C

mafiahajeri350d ago

Why you guys talking like balance has ever been a thing in COD? This genre is so tired its insane.

It's so repititve and the I see you first I kill you gameplay ain't helping.

ONESHOTV2349d ago

I'm sorry but this is nowhere close to the old WW2 CODS or medal of honor