Gearbox Teases that 90% of the Studio is Working on Borderlands 3

During its traditional "Inside Gearbox Software" panel at PAX West, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford had a tease for the audience.

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-Foxtrot101d ago

Hopefully the old 3 vault hunters are playable this time.

thejigisup100d ago

With a game like borderlands i feel like it was a missed opportunity to at least add them as dlc

-Foxtrot100d ago


I just don't see how they can keep adding sirens

There's only 6 in the entire universe and somehow 4 of them ended up on Pandora

Lilith, Angel, Steele and Mya

Cmv38100d ago

Thru could pull a dbz and its more sirens out there.... and also bring back Roland. Its video game it doesn't have to make sense lol.

-Foxtrot100d ago

Yeah I don't know why they killed him know they made new characters and put the old characters as NPCs because they wanted to give them development DESPITE the fact many games today give characters development and let us play as them. Hell Gordon Freeman from Half Life and Jack from Bioshock were mute yet they had so much development while we were playing them. Kind of a stupid, lazy move on their part.

The way I see it Borderlands 2 gave each old vault hunter a new thing which can be linked to new abilities. Brick used a melee weapon not just his fists, Mordecai got a new Bloodwing (who knows what this one can do), Lilith got more powers and Roland could easily be given a new toy to play with on the battlefield.

babadivad99d ago

I always play siren. Hopefully there's still one in this game. Lilith was a lot more powerful[freaking killing machine] than Mya, but Mya was still very good.

antz110499d ago

BL 2 had a good story, two main plot devices being Roland s death scene and then Jack's tie to Oracle.

nX101d ago

Why don't they tease how many people lost their job due to Battleborn? Some execs should be fired after they made the decision to ignore a massive IP like Borderlands for a crappy MOBA.

Woolly_101d ago

. . . yet we are the same ones who would complain when companies don't take risks.

they tried something else, it didn't work out. Now they're back to their bread and butter.

bluefox755100d ago

The two are not mutually exclusive. We should encourage companies to try new things, but at the same time, if that new thing sucks, we shouldn't pretend it's good just because "they tried something new". Criticizing an attempt at something new =/= "You should stop trying."

KwietStorm100d ago


Nobody is pretending Battleborn is good just because its a new IP, but this fool above is saying people should lose their jobs *because* that new IP didn't work out. That's asinine and a childish way to express "criticism," no matter how you look at it.

They also didn't ignore Borderlands, as nX suggested. They just didn't shit out another sequel for the hell of it. They're taking the time to handle it properly. I don't even see what the problem is with that.

nX100d ago

Taking risks is something else than going for the next best trend and thinking you are able to compete. This decision was simply stupid.

attilayavuzer99d ago

Let's be honest, Battleborn only really tanked because Overwatch happened at almost the exact same time.

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Cmv38100d ago

What would be the point in that. If the game was better or maybe marketed different, who knows, different outcome. But that's the nature of the business. Did you buy battle born? Do you but every hand to support every developer to try and make they all keep their jobs?

CyrusLemont100d ago

So are we looking at a 2018 reveal with early/late 2019 release? Borderlands in a post microtransaction world, eugh, prepare to pay for those golden keys and exotic weapons.

dumahim100d ago

They've been working on it for quite a while now. I wouldn't be surprised with a 2018 reveal and Fall release.

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