Did Konami Retroactively Ruin Symphony of the Night?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night may be a venerated classic, but did Konami retroactively hurt it by trying to recapture its magic time and time again?

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PhoenixUp351d ago

At this point, the entire Castlevania series is trapped in the shadow of the Symphony of the Night for most part.

Soulst0rmer351d ago

Castlevania Lacarde Chronicles 2 and the Netflix series proved that Konami has true fans who treat the series with the respect it deserves. Shame if people miss out on this game and show.

351d ago
naruga350d ago

No wasnt the multiple iterations aka SOTN clones that hurt Castlevania ....but the ultimate idiotic i could say focus of Konami on 3DS , bringing all the absolute gorgeous next 2D Castlevania to that ridiculous semi-niche semi-childish handheld.... generally whatever was relesead forcefully n NIntnedno by Nintnedo (because they payedton of money to be exclusives) had a tragic death in the long run or bad course generally

Kabukiface351d ago

Nilbog is goblin spelled backwards!! :o

Derceto351d ago

Konami retroactively ruins anything it touches anymore.