Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas Join the PS Now Library

PSBlog: "Bethesda's untouchable post-apocalyptic adventures join the PlayStation Now streaming library beginning September 5."

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Sonic_Vs_Mario143d ago

Meh.. I rather play the games backwards compatibility on Xbox One

Eonjay143d ago

If you don't have the game or the console PSNow makes more sense. And the instant streaming is infinitely faster than Xbox program. It's like you having access to a repository of movies to download while I have the same movies on Netflix. PSNow is Netflix. You prefer Blockbuster.

Sonic_Vs_Mario143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

I have the games on PC aswell, why would I want to stream with their crappy service at 720p?

ocelot07143d ago

Meh..I rather play the games native compatibility on PC in 4K with mods and ultra textures at 60+FPS. Not sure what my comment has to do with PS Now. I just felt like I had to put what I just typed out there.

Lighter9143d ago

You think this is a d*** measuring contest.

Liqu1d143d ago

I think he's making fun of the troll who decided to bring up Xbox BC.

Lighter9143d ago (Edited 143d ago )


He should've replied to him then.

ocelot07143d ago

@Lighter9 as @Liqu1d said I was just poking fun at the guy above me. If you had common sense you would of seen what I was doing as I almost quoted him word for word.

It is just light hearted fun on my behalf just calm your self everything is going to be ok I promise.

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