Spanish Retailer Lists Fallout 4 GOTY Edition for Switch

Go Nintendo - I don't know about this one. Doesn't seem like it's the real deal to me. I imagine the retailer has made a mistake with this listing, but we've seen things like this come true in the past. Just look at the Telltale Switch fiasco that went on for months until Telltale themselves confirmed.

That said, something just seems fishy about this listing overall. I wouldn't take this one too seriously until other retailers start sharing the same info.


Here's something worth pointing out. The retailer has since changed the listing. The removed the release date, but left the listing itself. That certainly seems to bode well when it comes to the validity of the listing!

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-Foxtrot266d ago

Fallout 4 Switch should have been worked on over Skyrim with it being the more recent game

Erik7357266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Maybe took more time to port Fallout 4's engine to Switch and Skyrim they could simply half ass port it and just brute force it to run on the Switch hardware.

But with fallout 4 they would probably have to rework the engine to get it running on the Switch and still look like the ps4/xbox one version. I believe that is possible because fallout 4 to me isn't that great looking of a game on ps4/xbox and was just poorly optimized. Fix optimization and you could probably get fallout 4 running on Switch and look pretty much just as good as ps4 version.

wonderfulmonkeyman266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Special Switch edition content: A special Power Armor that literally makes you look like you're wearing Samus's Varia Suit, big rounded orange shoulders, chargable arm cannon weapon, Missiles and all.
That would be very awesome.
Though I wouldn't expect a Morph Ball. No one in Fallout 4 could match that sort of flexibility.XD

porkChop265d ago

That power armor idea actually makes too much sense to not be included.

Ristul265d ago

I hope it's true, I would double dip for sure.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory265d ago

I am sure if this was true some people who own it and still haven't beaten it yet and own a Switch would get it.
My older brother bought Fallout 4 at launch and he haven't played it since launch month. But Switch is the perfect system for him so he would be able to beat it.

2pacalypsenow265d ago

Fallout 4 ran like ass on the Xbx1 and PS4, it would need a massive downgrade to run on the Switch.

StonieWylder265d ago

Bethesda needs a new engine, they're milking that same old engine like the three Activision devs do with the Call of duty engine.

Heavenly King265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

they have IdTech engine now since they own Id.

Liqu1d265d ago

I'd love to see them use id Tech 6, unfortunately they will just stick with their outdated modified Gamebryo engine. That engine was outdated last gen yet the still use it.

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