From the Seas to the Skies: A Look Back at BioShock 10 Years Later

TechRaptor: 'The concept of utopia, despite its near universal appeal, is one that, upon closer examination, may ultimately be no more than a fantasy. Time and again, humans have proven to be too fundamentally different from each other to agree upon what a perfect society would look like, to say nothing of the corrupting influences of greed and power. When one man says “No Gods or Kings, Only Man,” another might say “I am a divine Prophet; follow me to this New Eden.” This ultimate flaw forms the backbone of the BioShock series’ story; a story that has been hailed as exceptional and worthy of commemoration, even if the gameplay itself wasn’t particularly revolutionary.'

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LoveSpuds322d ago

Easily in my top 5 games of all time, what an incredible game.

PhoenixUp322d ago

"This time, however, the antagonist was not quite so blatantly evil"

Sophia Lamb was preaching the evils of free will and shot you dead within the opening moments of the game. How is that not blatantly evil?

FallenAngel1984322d ago

It's interesting how Bioshock tend to show how the various ideological utopias shown become both their own antithesis and similarly screwed-up in practice.

- The Rapture of Andrew Ryan is initially shown as a libertarian paradise that would make Ayn Rand proud. Yet Ryan himself isn't above nationalizing businesses or resorting to prattle like the binding "chain of industry" when things go his way. Though then again, that may simply be him looking out for himself.

-The Rapture of Sophia Lamb is presented as the ultimate collective not too dissimilar to late-stage communism. Yet in the end, Lamb herself proves to be as selfish and self-centered as Ryan was.

- Comstock's Columbia tries to be a nationalist showcase of American Exceptionalism. In practice, it becomes a warped mirror of America at its worst, not to mention an utter perversion of everything the Founding Fathers fought for.

- Columbia under the Vox Populi is on paper free of its people's oppressors. Except that the Vox prove to be just as tyrannical and zealous to a fault as Comstock and his supporters.