Chun-Li and Cammy from Street Fighter get official Japanese lingerie sets

Strongest woman in the world and special forces operative inspire intimate apparel options.

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Princess_Pilfer316d ago

To be honest, I'd feel hotter just wearing the leotard/thong cammy wears under my clothes.

Princess_Pilfer313d ago

I'm glad? I was serious though. It's like secret sexy cosplay. Braid my hair, dye it blonde, and wear normal clothes over that. Look fine for doing public things in public, but with a few seconds to get the regular clothes off it's now a sexy cosplay for a girlfriend who's into Cammy.

Bobafret316d ago

Lordy, eat a cheeseburger.

CobraKai316d ago

Seriously and don't throw it up afterwards

link2Dpast316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

But have models that look nothing close to them, culture has to stop denying some big ole tits and ass is a great thing

CrazedFiend314d ago

The Chun-Li model looks like she's disgusted with her life. The Cammi model looks like she's disgusted with yours...