You can get a Nintendo Switch at GameStop bundled with Mario or Zelda for $360

In stock!

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Sgt_Slaughter197d ago

GameStop and ThinkGeek always mysteriously have bundles for items generally out of stock at GameStop stores and online...

Nothing weird about that at all. /s

roadkillers197d ago

Not odd at all, who buys a Switch and doesnt purchase a game. That would be weird.

modelgod197d ago

Odd that there are actually bundles available during a time when stock is limited. It's actually quite weird.

The 10th Rider197d ago

The bundles that are typically readily available come with dumb accessories. They usually have the hook, line, and sinker . . . Then a $20 SD card or charger cable that people normally wouldn't buy and you can get for $5 off the internet.

Sgt_Slaughter197d ago

What Fisher said is the point I was making. They always "somehow" have these bundle deals when the normal item is out of stock.

roadkillers197d ago

I think normally people would look for the cheapest, but since there is no cheapest they sell the bundle.

If im correct it is not an official bundle, Gamestop just added a game at normal price to increase their revenue. Until other stores (casual stores like walmart and target) get the regular console, Gamestop will keep adding a game and calling it a bundle.

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Eonjay197d ago

Same thing with the Xbox One X...and PSVR. Gamestop managed to make the high $500 price seem cheap when compared to their outrageous bundles. At least online they didn't even offer standalone Xbox consoles. Cheapest was $600 and the most expensive was $800! This is why they are the last resort for hardware.

Erik7357197d ago

basically they have no units in stock left to sell so they figured they can make more money with selling whatever they could have in stock bundled with another item they profit on guaranteeing you purchased a game from them and not from eshop or some other store.

BlindGuyMcSqueazy197d ago

So a bundle that costs the same as buying everything separately?

MrFisher21197d ago

Once they get Homebrew on there I'll be buying one. I know they are only a few months away at most. Very excited.

MetroidFREAK21197d ago

I mean you can purchase the system elsewhere as well 💁

josephayal197d ago

$360 meh, Nintendo Switch should cost $200.00 or maybe less

sk8ofmnd197d ago

Its laughable to see the asking price of a wiiu 5 years later... I dont think the switch is going cheaper anytime soon

Erik7357197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

Honestly its going for 400+ ebay alone so $360 with a game honestly is good deal compared to the prices people are paying for this more in demand than a ps4, Nintendo switch.

Kun_ADR197d ago

It should cost only $99 with 5 free games and 10 free joycons. Actually, every new piece of technology should never cost more than $100 and you should be given tons of extra stuff for paying that much.


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