CoD: WWII Closed Beta Impressions: The good, the bad, and the damn snipers

Nicola Ardron: "I feel a little underwhelmed with what I saw in my time this weekend, but I am looking forward to next weekend when the beta will open up for another weekend of testing."

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noksucow73350d ago

Xbox 1 X version going to look real nice.

**test** Any comments related to Xbox 1 on N4G are regarded as dislike magnets

Cmv38350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

I wss going to like your comment, then read the disclaimer. I didn't want you to be wrong.

MegamanXXX350d ago

The PC version will look real nice as well

Unreal01350d ago

PC version = best version.

SpaceRanger350d ago

People are more than likely just annoyed at the fact that it's been a year and a half of hearing about Scorpio/Xbox One X.

People get annoyed hearing fanboys talk and compare a console that is no where close to being out yet lol

CyberRekkr350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

The games feels and looks like a $19.99 indie game. I know its a beta so , I know the visual will be improved drastically.The maps seem so small with inconsistent weapons.This not the WW2 experience I was looking for. They need to do something with terrible spawning and Snipers. The game does not feel real at all. As soon as you spawn your dead. I wouldn't buy this game for $19.99 as of right now.

Unreal01350d ago

The time to kill in Call of Duty games is ridiculous now. I used to like being shot at but still have a chance to return fire. Now, it's so quick that if you're seen, you're dead.

Monster_Tard350d ago

If any one wants to try it on the PS4 here's a code: F6LB-JANB-RBQK
It may only work with a US account, I'm not sure.

KiL-shablogin349d ago

My biggest gripe is the op snipers. Watched a guy get 42 quickscopes that we’re barely even in the scope and one hit kills every time.

Would be nice if maps were bigger but that’s really been a cod thing.

Hopefully full game has some tweaks in it