Formula One: Pit Stop Gameplay HD

Stopping in the pit allows for car repairs and a change in gameplay as you press a series of buttons that can help improve your pit crew's time.

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FirstknighT3745d ago

There is pop up in the stands. And the pit looks last gen! Doesn't look to good!

Antan3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Yeah looks crap doesn`t it? I always judge things from tiny videos, it`s best way i think. And i think the numerous previews of the game so far must be all wrong, coz they all say it looks fantastic! oh well, back to the grind.

R34GTR3745d ago

Welcome to news4gamers. Or should i say News4 Sony haters. lol

Antan3745d ago

So it would seem! Though to be fair i think N4G is plagued buy haters on both sides, yet the PS3 guys are marginally worse as they have not even attempted to play a 360! Im sure they would change their tune somewhat if they did!

FirstknighT3745d ago

So I hate sony just cuz I think this game looks crappy? Okay you got me!!! Sony kidnapped my sister long time ago and I am still seeking revenge!!! DIE SONY! DIE!!!!!!

Antan3744d ago

Oh crikey! Is she ok now though? Did you get her back?

Sphinx3744d ago

through the Playstation Network? That'd be cool... sigh, only Xbox Live hosts kidnappers and kinappees.

candystop3744d ago

Come on Batman and the Joker stop with the fighting already! I'm going to have to play this game to form an opinion because obviously the videos that have been shown don't represent what people have seen in front of them very well!

GaMr-3744d ago

"I AM BATMAN" lol...these threads are starting to suck.

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