Activision’s CEO Talks Call Of Duty, Crash, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

GI: "We spoke to Eric Hirshberg during our visit to Sledgehammer for our Call of Duty: WWII cover story."

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FallenAngel1984353d ago

Crash Bandicoot is the only thing that matters for me from Activision

naruga353d ago

exactly and even with ready cooked food couldnt deliver a proper Remake ...unfortunately is too late for Sony to buy it after the explosive success of this mediocre remake

TheEnigma313352d ago

Mediocre remake? You must not have played the originals. This is one of if not the most accurate remakes created.

neoandrew352d ago

its a remaster, the dev said

Sherif129352d ago

@TheEnigma313 he did the same with RE7, which was the most similar RE we had in years to the originals.

This remake is perfect.

FITgamer352d ago

The game doesn't need a remake. It wouldn't be the same if they revamped the entire game. Vicarious Visions did a damn good job on the remaster.

BlaqMagiq1352d ago

This godlike remake you mean. Blows the originals out of the water.

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mwjw696352d ago

Why do we care about his thoughts on PUBG again? Why are they gonna steal that idea too? Its like all originality was sucked out of Activision 20 years ago.

crazyclown352d ago

Im sure we will see a ton of battle royale games of all sorts coming. I wouldn't be surprised. I just don't see how PUBG will work on consoles. I tried it with a controller on PC and the experience was terrible. However, if they can get it right with some sort of aim assist (very limited) then it will work.