Was Call of Duty WW2's Beta Enough Win Back Old CoD Players

This video Mr.BadBit talks about his impressions of Call of Duty WW2. What
he liked and disliked about it. whether it's enough to bring him back
playing Call of Duty after leaving the series? Or has Call of Duty finally
shown its age by going back in time?

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Garethvk325d ago

Considering we had two sets of beta keys to give out and how fast we went through them and the reload, it is clear there is big interest. I liked it but it does seem very camper oriented. When I played at E3 we played one Team Deathmatch and one War mode. The players played it as a run and gun and we had fun. Online it is a camp/snipefest. You get to areas where you have to build then cross a bridge and you pinned from the start. Players can scope you to death and also can hit you from the far reaches of the map where even if you see them first, your weapons cannot reach. I opted to pick up a scoped rifle when I was playing on the side holding the bridge and I picked off 12 players in a few minutes as it was that easy. I also want to note I play shooters on PC with a mouse and keyboard so knowing I struggle with a PS4 controller and most shooters, you can see how easy it is. A skilled console player will have no problems racking up huge score camping away.

guywazeldatatt325d ago

I'm excited yet at the same time skeptical. Only time will tell. The last few installments have not been very good IMO, as someone who was really into the first two modern warfare games.

Poli_Games325d ago

I think that the best way to go about this one. Cautiously optimistic!

guywazeldatatt325d ago

Still though, I am very excited!!! And the narrative has so much potential to be absolutely gripping!

opinionated325d ago

I liked the beta a lot. It's the most fun I've had playing cod in a long time even though the frustrating parts still remain. I think it had to do more with my connection than the actual beta tho.

KickSpinFilter324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

I didn't even play in the beta from my pre-order but I did watch it. After watching I am very interested in this.
Rented/Beta'ed Ghosts, BO 2, BO3. Bought AW and IW, and none of these gave me the feeling of excitement that the last great COD WW3 gave me. I can not wait, to dig in deep with this MP and even SP story. Also for $37.99 I'm down, thanks BestBuy :]

seanpitt23324d ago

The place where I normally get games shopto it's priced at £58 for the standard game. They can shove it where the sun doesn't shine for that price.

KickSpinFilter324d ago

Ya Bestbuy member ship is $30 for two years. So any new game is 20% off so a 59.99 down to 47.99.
Then sometimes BB offers a gift card back of $10 dollars making the game 37.99 before taxes. So ones that have it currently are Madden or rather did, COD WWII, Star Wars BF2, and I think Fifa and Destiny 2 have that $10 gift card also. An incredibly hard deal to beat.

Tankbusta40324d ago

Meh it's made by sledgehammer, I didn't play the beta but I wasn't very impressed with advanced warfare.

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